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TT/BBL combo- necrosis, debribement, wound vac... Nightmare OVER!!

OK so I've been stalking this site for months now and finally decided to share me story. By the way, coming here is like my new addiction..Pinterest who? Candy Crush ain't got nothing on this site! So I'm 37, 5'7 190lbs. I'm married and have 2 kids, ages 8 & 12. I feel like I'm writing a profile... READ MORE


I never really dwelled on the size of my butt. I always thought it was ok but nothing that made me want to have a bigger booty. I did always admire those girls with tiny waists and a juicy booty because i am shaped the opposite. As i decided to travel on this quest for a flat tummy i came... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Pics- Almost 20 Years Later - Ft. Gordon, GA

Hi ladies! I see a lot of recent reviews on surgeries but i wanted to share my experience for my surgery done in 1996. I was about 140 lbs w DDD boobs that hung like eggplants. I got the surgery done when i was 19yrs old and had a revision when i was 20. I got my surgery done in the Army. I... READ MORE

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So overwhelmed!

Im getting information overload and i just need to chill out. But all the information I find on here is so useful and helpful. My husband says i need to relax but I cant... READ MORE

Anyone Have a BBL w/Dr. Huntly in Savannah, GA?

Hi ladies! i wanted to see if any rs had a bbl and/or tt combo w dr.huntly. im scheduled for surgery in sept. i have seen a few of his patients online and his tt look great but... READ MORE

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Patience is one of the hardest things to handle with these surgeries. How you look right after surgery is not how you will look in 6 mo. I read your story and i hope that when you return home and recover you will start seeing results... READ COMMENT

Patience and positive thinking!! The mind is so powerful. I did this body healing meditation to help me at night. It helped. I think i posted the link but u can search for one on google. It was very helpful! READ COMMENT

Im glad my story gave u some faith! :) how are your wounds now? READ COMMENT

Hi there! I finally got to read your review and see ur journey! I hope ur recovery is going great. Did u find out about your bb? I think ur doing what u want to make u happy. It is a hard recovery so take it easy. Boost ur vit c and... READ COMMENT