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Strolling on the flat side in Jax, FL

3 weeks 1 day 17 hours to be exact to the NEW me!!! I can't wait! I am having abdominoplasty, breast lift with implants and neck liposuction! I am really nervous despite having a great doctor. I am 49 years old and have had several surgeries in the past, most of them abdominal hence the... READ MORE

Lower Face Lift and Touch Ups! Jacksonville, FL

It has been 11 months since my mommy makeover and lipo on my neck, This year has been crazy!! First lets start with my neck! I have had a large hard piece of skin to deal with! I had one revision in October with NO effect! This has been the hardest to deal with because it's always so... READ MORE

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Mommy Makeover, with Liposuction? (photo)

I have had a significant wgt loss of 70 lbs. I would still like to loose 20 more but I am at a plateau and most of my weight is in my stomach. I am scheduled in one month to... READ MORE

Weight Loss After Surgery, When Will I See Results?

I had a mommy makeover (full abdominoplasty with lipo, lipo of neck, breast aug with lift) I was under general anesthesia for approx. 6 hours. I weighed 188lbs. going in and I... READ MORE

How to fix the scar tissue on my neck after liposuction and a revision? (Photo)

7/13 had liposuction on my neck. I wore the jaw bra exactly as instructed, but did not heal as the doctor thought I would, developed a small area of scar tissue within a month,... READ MORE

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What was your worst pain day post op

I had my MM with lipo, ba with lift Thursday so I am going into day 3, yesterday was day, but I had to go to ps office. I have a q ball READ MORE

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There is also a chinese procedure that I have heard about that you can roll your skin (almost with a rolling pin) LOL, I have seriously been considering this, desperate measures call for desperate things!!! READ COMMENT

He feels with massage it will go away, so I am hopeful too!! Yes, I am still swollen so with that it should help too!! He said "massage, massage, massage"!!! He also said that the neck is the worst place for this type of tightening,... READ COMMENT

Good luck with your check up!! Yep I love that warm shower, especially around my sutures!! ahhhh!!! I am going to my doc on monday to check on this hematoma on my right jaw line!! READ COMMENT

Newme!!! Hugs to you as well!!! It's so not easy doing what we do is it!!! My breast are healing fine, but wow the body issues I am having are NO joke!! I really need to talk to someone and I think I will. I am sure it will help! ... READ COMMENT

Some people are more sensitive to heat/ice then others and I know that the medical community have debated ice/heat for ages! This last time my PS actually said NO ice for first 24 hrs for me!!! I think it's important to listen to your... READ COMMENT