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Going Outside the Day After Fraxel:Restore Treatment?

Hi, I had a Fraxel:Restore treatment a few days ago. The day after my treatment, I had to be outside for about 30-45 minutes running errands. I was very vigilant in putting on... READ MORE

Frostnip and exposure to cold weather 2 weeks after Fraxel Restore Treatment?

Hi, I had a Fraxel:Restore treatment 2 weeks ago. Today I was out in the cold (might have reached 5 degrees F) for several hours (2 hours outside with 30 minutes break of... READ MORE

Things to do after Fraxel Restore to help skin?

Inbetween Fraxel treatments, are there any topicals or diets that we can do to help promote more collagen? Would Vitamin C topicals or other diets help our skin heal and... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore/Lux 1540 - Is my treatment too aggressive or not aggressive enough for Asian skin (energy and number of passes)?

Hi, I've gotten 4-5 treatments of Fraxel:Restore/Lux 1540 at 65 mj at 3 passes. I am Asian (Chinese) and I just wanted some more opinions besides my doctor to see if 3 passes... READ MORE

Can you keep doing Fraxel Restore treatments forever?

Is Fraxel Restore still effective once you've done it 6-7 times? I am considering a second round of Fraxel Restore after a six month break, but am skeptical if doing another... READ MORE