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Best wishes to everyone!!!

I'm looking for a Doc for my surgery. I really like dr Glunk. I haven't had my consult yet and so scared he's going to be out of my 5-6k price range. Any heads up on that ladies? I just moved here from Florida and have no idea who to choose or what the cost. I have seen some of his work and he... READ MORE

Questions from Bikiniready

In Breast Augmentation, is 700cc an Unusual Amount when a D to DD Result is Desired? (Photo)

I tried many different smaller sizes of implants and the 700cc saline looked perfect. I was told I would be a probable E cup with swelling and would ultimately end up with a D... READ MORE

My BA Surgery is Friday and I Know 700 Cc is Large but on my Body is Was Not. It Was Perfect. Odd? (photo)

I have been told on here that the 700cc is such a huge size however on me anything smaller was barely noticeable. I'm really so confused. I really trust my PS and he himself... READ MORE

When is the Swelling from a BA Typically Gone?

It's been almost a month since my BA and I am wondering if am still swollen? I have not changed at all in a good week if not more. Pain is gone and it looks like my breasts are... READ MORE

Feeling Strange!! Will I Ever Feel Like my Breasts Are Not a Prosthetic?

I'm post op now about 5 or 6 weeks. I love love love my breasts and how I look don't get me wrong. But, they still feel "funny" not part of me. I'm supposed to be not wearing a... READ MORE

How do I know if I'm developing capsular contracture at 15 months post op? (photos)

Lately I have noticed that my right breast is slightly firmer than my left. I'm 15 months post op and till now no problems at all. I had 700cc smooth round mod profile saline... READ MORE

Can an accident that may have caused internal trauma cause capsular contracture? (Photo)

At about 6-8 months Post I had an accident on a quad. Nothing I didn't get up and hop back on but I got thrown into a tree on my right side. My side hurt for a good month and... READ MORE

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Is 700cc a bad idea?

I am having my surgery on Friday and in the sizing process 700cc looked quite nice and normal on my body. My doc was also surprised and agreed, however I have gotten a lot of... READ MORE

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This is a great photo!! Kudos to your PS. He's a real artist. READ COMMENT

Woooowooooweeeee!!! You look fabulous girl!!! And just in time for summer too. You couldn't have planned it any better. How are u feeling? Ya just look great!! What's the official outcome on size? They look just perfect. Love the flat... READ COMMENT

Did you ever ask the docs on RS Q and A about the lift. Did u say u were doing overs? Why not unders? I have been on here a long time, I am CERTIANLY no doctor but I would ask about the lift and the overs. You don't want to have to wait... READ COMMENT

Im so sorry this happened!! I'm also very sorry for any rude remarks you may have gotten. Sometimes we forget our personal feelings aren't always helpful and need to stick to the issue at hand only. I am very hopeful and I think with... READ COMMENT

Morning boob sugar!! It happens to all of us!! I had my be almost 2 years ago and I would get up like HOLY WOW!!! That smarts!! Massage massage massage. That will help. A hot shower will help. Or get some slippery lotion and make your... READ COMMENT