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I Always Admired my Mom's Nose, but Inhereted my Father's - Dallas, TX

Hello, my name is Doro, and I would like to share my rhinoplasty experience with you. It took me a while to decide whether I want to tell people that I underwent nose surgery or better keep it secret. I am not sure if it's the hydrocodone pain meds that are giving me the courage (today is day... READ MORE

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The upper lip becomes longer or sinks a few millimeters down because the nose gets shorter, so there is more skin without anything to support it. After some cartilage and bone gets removed, the excess skin naturally, by gravity, gest... READ COMMENT

It's not only nose that will change with the surgery, but also your upper lip will sink lower, so the smile will never be the same. The nose tip and nostril-show that are the center of your face create the horizontal symmetry, and if... READ COMMENT

Do not worry about your results yet. I can tell by looking at your after pictures that there is still some swelling going on. As the time will pass, you will notice more refined details and the sculpted look will go away. Considering... READ COMMENT

I am happy for you; your nose looks great. It perfectly suits your face and makes you look even younger. I wish mine was so slender. I am 9 months post op now and my nose still heavily fluctuates in swelling, but even the lowest... READ COMMENT

You are so beautiful and your nose is just recovering really fast! READ COMMENT