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That's hilarious! TOO nosey... But great idea to start stuffing your bra! I think its good to wear looser fitting tops before a tummy tuck so there isn't such an obvious figure difference. And the undergarments that you have to wear... READ COMMENT

I had a mini tummy tuck done without telling my family. I wasn't sure they would support it but I didn't want my business all over my small town! In my case tightening my abdominal muscles really helped my lower back issues that were... READ COMMENT

You are so welcome. I really hope this helps. I'm not sure how this site works, not sure you will get my reply to Necky but I added an additional comment to her just now. It may help you too:) READ COMMENT

You and Thomasina are welcome. And thank you both for telling your stories. I wasn't a member here, ran across this site while thinking about getting another neck lift (first was 10 years ago). I have decided to just be happy with how... READ COMMENT

Sleeping with the neck brace will keep you from tucking your chin and keep the skin in a "smoother" position so it can mold to the neck muscles better. If you can find it in your finances do try the photo facial laser, it tightens the... READ COMMENT