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Seven months, new photos

Tomorrow will be my first appointment with a PS about getting a TT. I have been seriously considering this for three years, but I just wasn't quite ready. Up until last year, I had never had surgery or been put under, so that was a huge worry. After having my gallbladder surgery last year, I now... READ MORE

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Dog ears are really common. At 8 weeks PO you are nowhere near your final result, so I'd wait a few more months before deciding if it needs to be fixed. Things will continue to smooth out and flatten. But like I said, they are pretty... READ COMMENT

I hated that effing thing and barely wore it after two weeks. I had a drainless TT and no lipo, so not sure if that made a difference, but I could not stand wearing it. The first week I really felt like I needed it to hold my guts in,... READ COMMENT

I just re-read that and I am barely making sense! It's too early in the morning! I meant to say "don't get defensive". READ COMMENT

I've started just plainly saying "I don't want to talk about that" actually works. Just say it matter of factly - don't be defensive or rude - and people will usually just shut up. I've never had anyone accuse me of being too skinny... READ COMMENT

I felt like that until about 6 months post op. Now I seem to be back to normal. No more weird pulling. I had thought it was because I also had a small bb hernia repair, but maybe it's normal for everyone. READ COMMENT