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How Much Aspirate Can Legally Be Removed if Liposuction is Combined with Another Procedure (In California)?

I just read that 1 litre (1000 cc's) of aspirate can be removed in an outpatient setting liposuction is combined with another procedure in Florida, but what about the other... READ MORE

What Percentage of Your Patients Have Multi-procedures (Such As Lipo and Breast Reduction) at Once?

I think breast aug and tummy tuck is another common multi procedure. Just wondering how many people have both at once? READ MORE

What Percentage of Liposuction is Done in Hospital and What Percentage in Clinics?

I've been reading here, and I see that a lot of people get lipo in clinics and go home right after. I've also read that large volume is done in a hospital, but what if you... READ MORE

Where Can I Find the Statistics from Long-term Liposuction Studies?

Has there been any long-term research (and statistics compiled) because I can't find them anywhere online. READ MORE

What Are the Long-term Statistics on People Needing Fat Transfers or Skin Surgeries After Lipo?

Why are there so many people needing fat transfers or skin revisions after lipo - are there thorough long-term statistics on how many people need revisions? I can't find the... READ MORE

When Does the Doctor Give Me a Written Surgical Plan That Includes Each Incision Site He Will Make During Liposuction?

Will the doctor provide me with a written surgical plan that clearly includes each incision site he will make during liposuction BEFORE I sign the informed consent form (and... READ MORE

Do You Take Body Measurements During the Liposuction Consultation?

It would seem that the more data you can collect before changing the shape of the body, the better, so do you take measurements with a measuring tape before the surgery? READ MORE

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How Do You Do Your Research Before Deciding on the Procedures?

Hi! Besides this RealSelf site, how do you ladies (and gents) do your research before deciding on which procedures to do? Do you mostly read what the doctors say, or look at... READ MORE

What other surgeries (such as tummy tuck, liposuction, or implants) did you get concurrently with breast reduction?

If you added on liposuction to breast surgery, how much tissue was taken, (cc's or liters) and from exactly where on your body? I'd encourage anyone to answer, but... READ MORE

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It is rare to see liposuction reviewers updating past the initial flush of photos. The cropped photos focus on only the targeted areas, however, and don't show the changing proportions of the body as a whole. I think it would be helpful... READ COMMENT

I am so sorry to read about what was done to you. In reading reviews of many cosmetic procedures online, I keep reading different versions of the same story: the supposed surgical expert destroys the patient, and then belittled the... READ COMMENT

I believe that nut and legume butters can be a healthy part of a healthy diet. I prefer almond butter to peanut butter, (healthier and less moldy), and I eat it without any salt, sugar, or preservatives added. I don't eat bread, so I... READ COMMENT

Best wishes! I hope that you and the surgeon agree clearly on the size you wish to be before surgery. READ COMMENT

Hi Donna. This must be very frustrating to you since you sound like you're trying your best to be fit. The biology of fat and physiology is complex. My understanding is that visceral fat includes fat that marbles through the muscles and... READ COMMENT