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August Cant Come Soon Enough MMO in process

I have never thought I be in this position where I would need surgery to get back to my pre-baby body. I have only had a consultation with Dr. Salama and from all his reviews I refuse to consult with anyone else. Once my mind is set I don't like to see other options. I am confirming my date with... READ MORE

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See your friend is right. Your gonna be fine. I am doing my best to be stress free but this ladies at my job pissing me the hell off. I can't wait to be on a plane away from these miserable asses. LMFAO READ COMMENT

Girl please your thin. dont lose any that way he can pull you tight and lipo the rest. I would be happy at 150 but that aint happening in 2 weeks. LMFAO. I will focus on the rest after surgery. Everyone says i dont look my weight i... READ COMMENT

That was me last week eating like a pig my god. im stuck at 158 and cant seem to motivate to lose anymore. READ COMMENT

Oh okay. We can get a doctors note from Salama and get it excused. I would love another week home. Please tell me more regarding that note. READ COMMENT

My husband literally has to rub my back & play with my hair for me to fall asleep. I have been having this retarted headache and nothing I can take either. I just can't wait to wake up and say finally im here READ COMMENT