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Swollen Puffy Red Watery Eyes After Rhinoplasty Normal?

Hi, I had a septorhinoplasty along with turbinectomy done 4 days ago. My eyes are not bruised at all but they are extremely puffy, swollen and watery. Overnight, one of my eyes... READ MORE

Will the Columella Drop After Open Rhinoplasty?

I had an open septorhinoplasty a week ago and the columella seems to have been cut down and now there is no "columellar show". My nose looks flat and pig like from the front.... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Dissolvable Stitches to Dissolve? (Open Rhinoplasty)

I had an open rhinoplasty 11 days ago and have dissolvable stitches placed on my columella. My surgeon did not remove them as he said they will fall themselves. How long will... READ MORE

Does Packing in the Nose Increase the Amount of Swelling?

I had an open septorhinoplasty and had packing in my nose which was removed 11 days after surgery along with my splint. My nose is now very wide and swollen. Is it possible... READ MORE

Do Spreader Grafts Make the Nose Wider?

I had a septorhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. My dorsal hump was removed and the surgeon placed spreader grafts and did osteotomies. My nose looks much wider from the front now and the... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty for a Retracted Columella?

I had a septorhinoplasty done 3 weeks ago which involved the removal of a hump. My surgeon also performed tip refinement which I didn't ask for. He also used spreader grafts... READ MORE

Nose Shorter After Septorhinoplasty?

I had a septorhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and my nose appears shorter and flat at the base. My nose tip used to droop slightly (which I didn't ask to be changed). Now it looks as... READ MORE

Will Cutting the Depressor Septi Muscle Shorten my Columella?

I had an open septorhinoplasty done 3 weeks ago. I used to have a slightly dropping tip when I smiled( I didn't ask for it to be changed). After surgery, my columella looks... READ MORE

Will Spreader Grafts Reverse the Narrowing Effect of Osteotomies?

I had an open septorhinoplasty done 3 weeks ago. The surgeon removed a hump, did osteotomies and inserted spreader grafts. However, my nose looks much wider than before. Will... READ MORE

Can Alar Rim Grafts Be Removed?

I had an open septorhinoplasty a month ago to remove a hump. I'm not happy with the results. The surgeon made changes to the tip of my nose which I didn't consent to. He placed... READ MORE

Asymmetric Nostril Rims After Rhinoplasty

I had an open septorhinoplasty 5 weeks ago. My nostril rims(which were symmetrical before surgery) are now 2 completely different shapes. It is very notice from front and... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Nostril Rims After Rhinoplasty, Is This Permanent?

I had an open septorhinoplasty 5 weeks ago. My nostril rims(which were symmetrical before surgery) are now 2 completely different shapes and one hangs lower than the other. the... READ MORE

How Long After Rhinoplasty Can I Have a Revision for the Tip?

My revision will mainly be tip work. It may involve removal of alar rim grafts and insertion of a columella strut. Is it safe to have this done 6 months post op? READ MORE

Possible to Reverse Columellar Setback (Tongue-in-groove Technique)?

I had a septorhinoplasty done 2 months ago. The surgeon did a columellar setback using the tongue-in-groove technique. He said he stitched the columellar back to my septum. I... READ MORE

Will Tip Grafts Permently Stiffen the Tip of my Nose?

I had an open septorhinoplasty 10 weeks ago. The surgeon used alar grafts in my tip. Also performed a columella setback. My nose tip is very stiff. Will tip grafts permantly... READ MORE

Results of Steroid injection permanent? (rhinoplasty)

I had a steroid injection done recently. it was injected in my nose tip and also into one of my alar rims. the side that was injected looks much fuller than the other side. it... READ MORE

Runny nose after septorhinoplasty, what is causing this?

I had a septorhinoplasty done 6 months ago. The surgeon also did turbinate reductions in the inferior turbinate. My nose is constantly runny now. What could be causing this... READ MORE

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Who's ur surgeon? Dr Shahidi? READ COMMENT

Your nose seems to be more bulbous after surgery. I have the same problem. Did you have grafts put in your primary rhinoplasty? I like the simulation, it looks much thinner and less bulbous in the tip, will you be having you nose... READ COMMENT

Hey, nice nose. Was yours an open rhinoplasty and did you have osteotomies? READ COMMENT

Was ur surgery open or closed? And did you have your nose broken for it? The swelling went down pretty quickly READ COMMENT

Hi, nice nose. How much was the full cost with hospital & anaesthesia? READ COMMENT