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Mini (MACS) Facelift in office under local: descriptions, experience

Issues: 40 years old, slightly sagging jowls, naso-labial, marionette. Have been doing Resty filler in tear-troughs and on cheeks for two years (every 5 months). Up to 2 syringes. Research: I think that it is a bit difficult to talk about a procedure because the terms mean different things... READ MORE

Lower Lid Pinch Review - Fort Lauderdale, FL

1. Done under local anesthesia, which brings the cost down but also means that you hear everything: the skin cutting, the cauterizing. It takes about one hour per eye. 2. My surgeon also relocated fat pads; it makes sense to do this at the same time, and is a straight-forward cut and tuck. ... READ MORE

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:) no earplugs/music allowed. you gotta be communicative with the doc. hooooeee, fun times. READ COMMENT

You're welcome. The trade-off in saving so much money (50%) by not going under general anaesthetic is not without a psychological cost. :) I hope to have articulated what it's like, so that we can make the right decision for our... READ COMMENT

I cannot find that Dr. Seiger has any board-certification in plastic surgery; all I can find is his orthopedic and dermatology training. READ COMMENT

What ***procedure** was done for the 'mini lift and neck lift' by a dermatologist? thermage? READ COMMENT

I am glad that the extra descriptions are helpful: I didn't photograph it through the stages, in part because I LOOKED HORRIBLE and didn't want to let the freak show scare people off. or me off. ha. :) READ COMMENT