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Mini Facelift in office under local: descriptions, experience

Issues: 40 years old, slightly sagging jowls, naso-labial, marionette. Have been doing Resty filler in tear-troughs and on cheeks for two years (every 5 months). Up to 2 syringes. Research: I think that it is a bit difficult to talk about a procedure because the terms mean different things... READ MORE

Lower Lid Pinch Review - Fort Lauderdale, FL

1. Done under local anesthesia, which brings the cost down but also means that you hear everything: the skin cutting, the cauterizing. It takes about one hour per eye. 2. My surgeon also relocated fat pads; it makes sense to do this at the same time, and is a straight-forward cut and tuck. ... READ MORE

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Wait!!! don't look at your arms in that position, you have to engage the muscle to determine if there's excess skin/fat!! 1) when you have your arm in the 90degree angle, as in your photo, your muscle is lax, and falls toward the floor.... READ COMMENT

Thanks for your comments! I think that if i had known exactly what i was getting myself into, so graphically, i would not have done it: but i'm glad i did. so, for me, ignorance was a blessing, and so i was conflicted about writing... READ COMMENT

At 2 weeks out, family will be shocked. the face is still swollen, and it's swollen vertically, it's really unsettling for them. Family are the ones who notice the most, because they are noticing the change: but part of what we want... READ COMMENT

When i was 1 week post, i was still bizarre and unsuitable for public. 2 weeks i was normal-looking, so that i was totally passable in polite society. :) you're almost there. READ COMMENT

Hi, i'm checking in on you: LISTEN: THIS TOO SHALL PASS. seriously. you've born children, you can do this. 1) we get scared, that what we see in the mirror today is what will always be there. Obviously that's not true: swelling... READ COMMENT