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Scared but Hopeful Facelift - Encinitas, CA

My 2nd consultation ( pre-op) is tomorrow , June , 14, I am making a list of all my concerns and questions . I am so glad to have found this site, otherwise I would not k ow all the post-op experiences that seem to effect everyone in some way. It makes me more nervous , but at least I am... READ MORE

Upper/ Lower Lids, Hollowing Problem - San Diego, CA

I am worried about my eye surgery as it will also be a surgery for a face/neck / temporal lift at the same time. Besides my neck, my deep hollows under both eyes has been my biggest problem. I see ALOT of removing fat / bags, but not about how the hollows are best treated, I don't have any fat... READ MORE

Questions from JWOLFE

Medication Triluma Useful for Milia and Hyperlipidemia?

These tiny white bumps under eyes , what treatment for above conditions READ MORE

Photos of Trachea Scar Revision?

I am having my trachea scar revised and would like to see before & after PHOTOS of this type of revision Thank you READ MORE

I'm 3 Weeks Post Op from Bleph Both Up & Down, Now It's Tearing Continually, is This Normal?

My right eye is just pouring tears 24/7 for last 2 weeks, it's very hard to see , blurry all the time. I have already been checked by my PS and my Opthomalagist and have made... READ MORE

My Ps Added a Stitch on Outside Corners of Lips, What Does That Do?

Where the stitches were on outside corners of lips now has a bump on both corners, What is achieved by doing this and will the bumps flatten? READ MORE

After FL and Blepharplasty Quad, Post Op 3 Months, Left with Small Hard Bumps?

Any treatments used for these hard bumps to flatten or dissolve? Do injections of steroids help? What can be done?They are @ outside corners of eyes, corners of mouth and on... READ MORE

Triluma Cream for Under Eye Milia Useful?

I have milia under each eye that does not go away, can using Triluma cream help this? READ MORE

Corner lip lift leaves bulges?

Had corner of lips lifted, now I have bulges about the size of a grape on each side. I'm 5 months post op and need advise about how best to flatten them. Is laser used ? What... READ MORE

Discussions started by JWOLFE

My 4week old blepharplasty has turned into continuous tears , anyone have this problem?

I am having difficulty typing or reading because my eyes just pour tears. It's only been 4 week since surgery but the 1st 3 weeks were fine, I don't have allergies or suffer... READ MORE

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Dear cschmech, That's a hard post name , may I call you CS? Ha ! I did not say anything except to my hubby and thought I would pick & choose whom to confide in later,,,,,, but , I still have not said a word and my FL was I year ago.... READ COMMENT

Elimr, You do look so much younger and pretty, now I can see how beautiful you were when younger. I feel the same way and I'm not afraid of photos, which I avoided for the last 11 years completely, there is not even ONE!!! I had the... READ COMMENT

Hi Car me , Thank you it will help understand what you are working with, Bests , jw READ COMMENT

Hi car me, BTW you mentioned in your review you had Included some photos , how do I find them? jw READ COMMENT

Hi carme, Your story is so similar to mine except I have not gone to my ps yet , I'm 58 and mine were put in 1988 , seems like a million years ago too. I have been worried about the condition they must be in not to mention the skin... READ COMMENT