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Could I have a mastectomy for cosmetic reasons?

I am mid in my 60's. 25 years agoI had a modified radical mastectomy and immediate reconstruction with implant. Five years ago I had my implant removed. My breast is a B cup. I... READ MORE

Is a simple mastectomy a reasonable procedure to achieve symmetry.

In 1989 I was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma at age 42. I had a modified radical mastectomy, immediate reconstruction, and chemotherapy. The reconstruction caused terrible... READ MORE

I have rosacea and cystic acne on my chin and sores or pimples on my scalp, in my late 60's, Can I go back onto accutane?

About 5 years ago my dermatologist prescribed 10 mg of Accutane 2 times a week for almost two years. My skin looked flawless. I was on the Accutane for close to 2 years. Then... READ MORE

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I am sorry for your unfortunate experience. Why someone as stunning as your before picture would do ANYTHING at all to their face is totally beyond me. READ COMMENT

I truly admire your loyalty and wish you a continued full and recovery. Your pictures so indeed show an excellent aesthetic outcome, however it did sound like 2 months of hell. Glad you are improving steadily. I will say that this is a... READ COMMENT

Thank you for answering my questions...there were many. You are so awesome and I wish you were my friend, here in my town. Your attitude is inspirational. But clearly you have a very good tolerance for discomfort and you are capable of... READ COMMENT

I am amazed that you recommend your doctor so highly when you have had so much difficulty recovering from a lower face lift. You look fantastic, however the discomfort sounded pretty bad. READ COMMENT

Does anything still hurt you? Any numbness? I does anywhere feel tight or pulled? How do your ears feel? I think you look stunning in these pictures. You healed beautifully and clearly you are a strong and healthy woman. I am healthy... READ COMMENT