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Boob Job with Upper & Lower Bleph - Australia, AU

I've been stalking this site on and off for a couple of years now, wanting to do it and not wanting to do it all at the same time. The reviews have been so helpful so, fair is fair, and here is mine. I am 37, 5ft 7 and somewhere between 125 and 130lb & a small C cup - but think they look more... READ MORE

Upper & Lower Bleph and Canthopexy - Australia, AU

I am 37 and I have been concerned and self concsious about my dark circles for years and they are rapidly getting much worse. I always remember my mum looking very tired and older than the other mums when she was my age. I look just like her so knew it was coming. I have tries fillers, which... READ MORE

38 Yr Old Removed 330cl Gummies Under Muscle After Ten Months - Australia, AU

I have been stalking these reviews for a few months now and had my 330cl cohesive gel implants removed at around 9am this morning under general anaesthetic. I will write more about my background and motivation soon but I just wanted reassure anyone with surgery coming up that I am astounded at... READ MORE

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Lipo or Mini Tummy Tuck - All Things Considered? (photo)

I'm booked in for upper & lower blepheroplasty and breast implants in July but need to make a decision re my stomach. I have seen 2 PS - one suggests lipo, the other (the... READ MORE

Side effects/complications from BA?

BA in July 2013 - 330cc cohesive gel implants under muscle. All went well and recovery was swift. I was mostly pleased with the results but it has been an adjustment getting... READ MORE

Breast explant with no replacement - how do I know if my plastic surgeon has enough relevant experience?

Although my doctor did a fantastic job I have decided to remove my implants without replacement. My original PS is very supportive and happy to do it but has only done one... READ MORE

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Also - this is in Australia. I'm not sure of the position overseas. READ COMMENT

I didn't have mine removed under Medicare but it looks like it is available, even if you have to push for it - see the section towards the bottom about what is available for all implants - READ COMMENT

I agree. I would definitely see what the result is before deciding on more costs and potential complications of an additional surgery. I will post a recent photo of my explanted, no lift boobs to show you how I'm fairing - won't leave... READ COMMENT

Not long now! Good luck with it all. I explanted in May and haven't looked back. It's a journey, but totally worth it. Looking forward to reading your updates. x READ COMMENT

Wow! You look great for the first days out! Honestly, your top will fill out. Mine looked way worse than yours and are now back to pre-aug size and shape. I first started to notice a difference after a week or two and it was a slow... READ COMMENT