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Hello ladies. I am forever indebted to the wonderful ladies of this site for their bravery and honesty. R.I.P. to our sisters who didn't make it. God is using you as Angels to look over the Journeys of all the men and women on realself and mmh. Your passing is not in vain. We have learned... READ MORE

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I Am 5ft 4in Weigh 196.8lbs, Am an U/L Arm Amputee. I Had a Baby 6 Months Ago by C-section. I Want Fullness Hips, Body Sculptin?

Obese no curves no bump ring of fat around posterior sink areas on each cheek jiggly short muscular legs READ MORE

Can I get lap band?

Hi. I am 40 years, 5ft 4in, weigh 215lbs - 220lbs and have high blood pressure. My research tells me my BMI does not fall within normal range. I am vaguely interested in... READ MORE

Why are BBL and TT not recommended as combined surgeries in USA?

Can the bbl be done first then the tt 1 week to 3 weeks later, giving fat a chance to establish blood supply in the buttocks? On rs i see these two surgeries combined with... READ MORE

What shapes can a Square booty with dents on sides get transformed into?

Can it become a bubble or heart or a combination of both? I don't want to have the same squarish butt with a shelf I see some girls get. Although an improvement I would not be... READ MORE

I want to get gastric sleeve but I'm hesitant because of the prospect of loose skin. What can I do to prevent this?

Hi. I have no pictures to post as I have not had the procedure. I am wondering can I begin eating a high protein diet with little carbs to maintain some smooth structure... READ MORE

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Best BBL Doc For Big Girls? (Spongebobinna, No Hips & 180+ lbs) - Price No Object!

Hi ladies!  i have been logging on often to follow your journeys and am deeply impressed by your courage and vision.  your faith in the doctors both here in america... READ MORE

Best Plastic Surgeon BBL Results for Big girls, flat, square?

ProjectionShapeFullnessCostShout out to all you ladies who have gone through or who have committed to making it to the other side for 2015!  I admire the home girl feel in... READ MORE

Any Dominican Republic BBL

Hi Ladies!  Am looking for BBL before and after pics.  I love RealSelf because pictures speak a thousand words.  I am asking for before and after pics and... READ MORE

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Check your Ferritin levels . Bloid can be iron rich but not getting into your cells enough. I had this problem and discovered only after years of unexplained hair shedding which turned to hair loss. Smh Check with your doc or go to... READ COMMENT

Drink protein shake for a meal, eat spinach salad, fruit, veggies - no meat, rice or pasta or only once a day if you have to and drink half your body weight in water. You will see weight ciming off by day 2. READ COMMENT

Oh you don't have much time left before you get it in. I think I read you filling with the Vanity/Spectrum outfit. My prayers are with you. Speak up about anything you need and pay close attention to your aftercare hunny. Those doctors... READ COMMENT

Are you on FB. Jj Smith has a book The Green Smoothie Cleanse. Promises to lose 10 - 15 in 10 days. I see testimonials all the time. Has a pronotion going on can get book for less than ten bucks on Amazon. Try looking in ebay as well. ... READ COMMENT

I have seen some great result from this outfit but also some terrible ones. I am not a fan READ COMMENT