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You look vibrant and refreshed. I will share my experience once the doctor's finished with me. You are very lucky to have such wonderful results. It's crucial to pick the best doctor and it looks like you found a gem in AZ! READ COMMENT

I was a bit incorrect about the proportion of chin in relation to nose as I should have not commented without doing more research. A good surgeon "realistically" selects the right size of implant that is esthetically pleasing to your... READ COMMENT

Thank you for sharing your painful experience. This may save other people from over-doing a home peel. It's good to be reminded of what could happen as I have been tinkering with peels myself. Unlike you, I have been leaving them on... READ COMMENT

I looked at your pictures several times because I would like to have this procedure done too. You look natural and it balances your features. I am just curious if it feels different to you or does it feel foreign in any way? You got... READ COMMENT

I think it gives you a balanced profile. I read that the chin should be out as far as the tip of the nose to look aesthetically pleasing. You have a lovely profile. I think it will take a little time to get used to it. READ COMMENT