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Tip Rhinoplasty - Newport Beach, CA

On The day of surgery I was so nervous of the outcome. So far I'm 5 weeks post op and the left side of my nose is a lot more swollen then the right. I know I'm very early post op so hopefully the swelling goes down with in the next month or so. Other then that I'm happy with the results and... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Orange County, CA

I'm getting my boobs re-done April 23rd, almost a week away! I'm 32 years old and also had 2 children. I had my first implants done 11 years ago and had both pregnancys after. So it did a number on my breast even with implants. This time I'm going bigger. I was a AA bra to start and now I'm a... READ MORE

Questions from Jlfmedina

Uneven Results After a Open Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had an open tip Rhinoplasty 2 months ago and my left side of my nose is not is refined and hangs lower then the right side of my nose. I also feel like the left side is... READ MORE

Hello. I Am Now 6 Months Post Op and I Still Have the Un Even Swelling. Is It Swollen or is This the Final Results? (photo)

I have an indent on the left side of my nose and by the indent it looks like a bump (near the til of my nose. READ MORE

Smoker being put under Gereral Anesthesia

I'm being put under general Anastasia tomorrow for a breast augmentation. I'm a smoker and have stopped but for only 24 hours. I know usually they want you to stop way before... READ MORE

Is burning sensation with breast augmentation normal?

I had a revision breast augmentation 3 weeks ago and I feel like a tingling sensation. Almost like a feel to the skin like I got a sun burn. Is that normal? Is there anything I... READ MORE

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The lady who was a bi*ch on my page told me this is not a porn site because I did "duck lips" in my photo! Lol!!! Bi*ches need hobbies! Lol!!! READ COMMENT

She was saying that you don't have self respect. And it's not rude If it's" the truth " ect. Clearly she continued on because her comment got deleted for her rudeness. Sorry. I had someone do the same on my page. Rude as hell. If... READ COMMENT

Excited to see ur post op photos! I switched from 550ccś saline to 700ccś silicone and hate them:( I'm doing another revision to go back to saline. I feel I liked how firm they felt. That the silicone felt more saggy. And for some... READ COMMENT