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Have Not Done It Yet! - West Palm Beach, FL

I would love to give a full feedback AFTER the procedure, not before. So far I consulted with Dr Schwartz and met his stuff members in the office. Everyone was very nice, attentive and happy. If he is as skilled as they claim I should be very happy, but again I have not have the procedure yet so... READ MORE

I Had Rhino Revision and S-lift Done, Same Time - West Palm Beach, FL

My surgery was around 8 hours. I am now 3 weeks post op. Nose and face still swollen, but bruises are gone. You really will need to be off work for at least 2 full weeks if not longer. I still look like if someone punch me in the nose - swelling. What concerns me however is my right eye. Since... READ MORE

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Hi Elsita, Thank you for your post. My eye slowly gets better. I can close one eye (right one) fully. It takes forever. Dr Schwartz did my nose via open way, but the tip is still wide, like somebody punched me in it. I am afraid this... READ COMMENT

Hi Richard. Thank you for your comment. My right eye is still not OK. I am now 6 weeks post op. Nose still wide at the tip. Not worth $15,000.00 that is for sure. At this point I do not want any revisions, I am disappointed. My nose is... READ COMMENT

Grace60. Thank you for all your support. I means a lot. I want others to know what to expect if they decide to do a procedure. Face is very important, and honestly for anyone out there: ask you Doc if they did surgery on any famous... READ COMMENT

Yes, thank you Grace60. I am 46, and I had IV anesthesia. My nose is expected to be rigid, but it is wide, swelling still? READ COMMENT

Hi Silverlegend. Thank you for you post. Mine is not allergy related, but nerve issue and decreased motor control over right eye resulting in lower lid drop and dry eye. It is getting much better, but it was scary and not very good... READ COMMENT