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I Have Dozens of Small Cysts in Both Breasts - and my Breasts Are Very Large and Heavy Although I Am Not Overweight?

I am 45 and not yet menopausal. Can I have a breast reduction/uplift with these cysts. Are they cysts likely to recur following a reduction READ MORE

Very Unhappy with Asymmetry After Breast Reduction?

Reduction (34ff to about 34d) 12 days ago & it was apparent immediately there was some asymmetry. I brought this up in hospital - they said it was due to uneven tape... READ MORE

Persistent Assymetry 8 Weeks After Breast Reduction on Cystic Breasts - when is Revision Advisable?

I still have significant swelling and redness of my lower right breast, which is visbly larger, 8 weeks postop. Additionally, my right nipple is a cm higher than the left. the... READ MORE

Lack of Symmetry and Nipple Sensation After Surgery, is This Down to Choice of Surgical Technique? (photo)

I had a breast reduction three months ago and am not happy with the results. I still have swelling and redness, additionally my breasts & nipples are asymmetrical. I also... READ MORE