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Wow same thing here. READ COMMENT

Linda is giving a typical laser tech's response. Very cold and no compassion. I got the same response from the laser tech who lasered me. They always defend the laser or blame it on the victim. It takes a special person to point a laser... READ COMMENT

That's a shame to hear about jikaii. She was so happy a while back. It sounded like the fat transfer fixed a lot of the laser damage for her. No guarantees with any of these cosmetic procedures. Their looking to get into your pockets... READ COMMENT

It doesn't surprise me. Anything to make a buck. READ COMMENT

Even if the person does have years of laser experience it still seems too risky. Their heating up the skin which is a big no no right off the bat. I think even if it looks like a good outcome who knows what the skin will do after a few... READ COMMENT