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Doesnt work!

I had this procedure done early this morning to correct the ice pick acne scars that were visually apparent on my cheeks and temples. at first i was dissatisfied with the results because i did not notice a difference but this evening i definitely can see an improvement. the pock marks are gone... READ MORE

Nose Job w/Dr. Nguyen(Sugarland Face and Body) - Sugar Land, TX

..................I've got three weeks to go but the nerves are starting to set it. I'm more scared than excited right now. I hope everything comes out as expected...I'm doing this because i think it will help me get out of my shell and feel more confident...... confident about my looks and not... READ MORE

Looking to Improve my Profile with a Chin Implant - Sugar Land, TX

I had the consult today and I am excited about getting a chin implant, ive always had a weak chin and im hoping this will give me the look that I want. Im having it performed under local anesthesia to help cut costs and to minimize downtime. It seems like a long way off but im already getting... READ MORE

Questions from DiamondDogs1974

Will Jaw Implants Make my Jawline More Square and Defined?

I'm a 24 yo male looking to get jaw implants. i was thinking about getting chin lipo to bring out my jawline but now I'm thinking about implants...i feel like that would be... READ MORE

Is 4500 Dollars Enough for a Nose Job?

I've been thinking about getting this done for a LONG time because I've always hated my nose but i don't know if I'm willing to spend more than 4000-4500 to get it done because... READ MORE

Will i be shown what my nose will look like after the procedure during the pre-op?

I'm very nervous and i just want to be positive that i will like the results, should i ask him to draw what it will look like on paper or something? READ MORE

I was briefly exposed to second hand smoke one week after rhinoplasty, could this be a problem?

My stupid sister blew a bunch of smoke right in my face and i inhaled and i went to to the grocery store and some idiots were smoking by the entrance and i breathed some of it... READ MORE

Is it normal for swelling after a nose job to flare up from time to time with periods of no swelling at all?

I had my procedure done on November 8th and the swelling was moderate up until the first of January, then it subsided, but now it has returned. Today was really bad as far as... READ MORE

What is the average cost of cheek/chin implants in Houston?

Im really considering getting both chin and malar cheek implants to add definition to my face, I have flat cheekbones and underdeveloped chin and im wondering what the average... READ MORE

Cheek Implants or Fat Injections or Voluma? Which should I choose?

Im looking to fill out my cheek area because it has become hollow over the past few years, im 25 now and im hoping to restore that region to how it was when I was a teen. I had... READ MORE

Is a chin implant only supposed to create a subtle difference?

I feel like I liked it better when it was swollen and puffy as opposed to now after the swelling has gone down. I just don't see that much of an improvement!!! I thought I was... READ MORE

Why is my nose still swollen 6 months after rhinoplasty?

I just don't understand why it still swells up...its strange that after 6 months my nose still throbs, is there a reason to be concerned? I just thought that after two months... READ MORE

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It just really hurts when I ask people if I look different and they tell me I don't : ( It feels like a waste of money and time. If I put half of the energy I did saving up the money and obsessing about getting work done this past year... READ COMMENT

Thanks, im still not sure if I like it, I just don't see that much of a change sometimes, only when I look in the mirror up close do I see a noticeable difference, nobody else has really noticed or could tell I had anything done..... READ COMMENT

Im sorry, I feel like I just put a lot of bad energy on this comment section, feel free to remove my previous comment, I would happily remove it myself if I could but I just realized that I cant remove it once I posted it, im extremely... READ COMMENT

I would post them, but...Im just not ready to take a picture of myself yet, I avoid taking and being in pictures. READ COMMENT

Thanks, I dunno...I just want to be somebody else. I don't like who I am...I want to be like those guys in the magazines, ya know? I began reading those at a young age so it had an effect on my brain pretty early on, its something ive... READ COMMENT