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What to Do About Puffy, Droopy Lids? (photo)

I was born with naturally puffy lids that have always bothered me, and now that i'm in my mid 40's (45) the puffy area has drooped and makes me look tired. From looking at my... READ MORE

Fatty, Droopy Upper Eyelids? (photo)

I have a couple of questions. I was born with fatty upper eyelids that have always bothered me and now that i'm older (45) even so more because they have drooped. I have gotten... READ MORE

How Often Should You Exfoliate?

Hello I'm 45 years old and was blessed with good skin. My questions is as followed...I was always told that exfoliating once or twice a week was best. Recently I was at a spa... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid. Born With Hooded Lids? (photo)

I was born with naturally hooded lids and now that I'm in my mid 40's my lid has drooped dramatically. I know that the best solution for me would be to get a blepharoplasty but... READ MORE

Is an oculoplastic surgeon the same as oculofacial surgeon? (Photo)

I have an upcoming appointment with a aptholmologist oculoplastic cosmetic surgeon to have the bump on my lower eyelid and droopy lids evaluated. I just want to make sure that... READ MORE

What's the difference between traditional eyelid surgery and laser eyelid surgery?

What is the differences between traditional eyelid surgery and laser eyelid one safer than the other? READ MORE

Which questions should I ask my cosmetic surgeon? (Photo)

I have an appointment coming up with an oculoplastic surgeon to have my eyelids evaluated. What are the questions I should ask? My goal is to look refresh and less tired,... READ MORE