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Brest Reduction - Atlanta, GA

Need breast reduction in Ga i have no insurance just moved from florida, I'm self pay but my back hurt and I can't breath When laying down its so uncomfortable. I need a doctor that's good and don't cost much I'm getting a bbl soon so I don't have another 8,000 to spend for reduction. And the... READ MORE

BBL Next Week..I'm Scared :( - Kennesaw, GA

I am having the bbl on may 7,2013 and I'm scared. At first I was excited until I read the papers about what can happen, My thing is idw anything to happen to me. But I am so happy at the same time. Has anyone else exp anxiety? I'm hoping to loose all the fat from my flanks tho I'm so big around... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck - I need to pair up - Dominican Republic, DO

Anybody going to yily for the month of may??? I need to pair up... Let me know so I can get dates please. I'm going by myself!!! Anybody else been to yily already? Could you tell me what other expenses are needed like meds, rides and food and more. How long is the hospital stay? Do she add... READ MORE

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Need Breast Reduction Doctor in Ga?

Just move to Ga need a doctor to perform breast reduction with minimal scars at good price. My back hurts and most of all can't breath while laying down. My budget is under... READ MORE

How to Sleep After BBL and TT - Need Motivation Tips

How to sleep after tt and Brazilian butt lift any suggestions? Has anybody done this without loosing the fat from butt? Me not having a big butt I don't want to decrease my... READ MORE

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Take it how you wanna take it...like i said mind ya business read a Book or something hell go wash ya ass READ COMMENT

I'm reading comments and Betbody my question is why does it matter who goes all out for a doctor??? If you mind ya business u actually might get somewhere READ COMMENT

How do you know your wife Is woke you been on here with us all day running yo mouth and still no pic. Enough Is enough. You would of offered more than 100 but you didn't cheap ass. Go tend to yo wife an get off line, you just wanted... READ COMMENT

Omg yes ALL surgeries poses a risk of infection even having a C section. This is elective surgery she knew he knew this going in what y'all want from us a fruit basket. If the story is true my condolences but we are saying they are fake... READ COMMENT

First off he didn't show pictures oh wait only to you though, Second he says flesh eating, So we know Flesh-eating disease is more properly called necrotizing fasciitis, condition in which bacteria destroy tissues underlying the skin.... READ COMMENT