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How soon did you find out after your phone interview? I had the phone interview and producers chose me!! Now I have to go in for medical background and mental evaluation. I am so excited. How long did the entire process take for you ? READ COMMENT

I wrote you a HUGE comment the other day about my otoplasty but its not here.. I'll have to retype it.. it was LONG.. READ COMMENT

My DR gave me the same BS about "stitch didnt hold", "internal stitch busted".. a whole bunch of BS... I am about to have my 5th otoplasty revision but I never had to repay... you shouldnt have to pay for anesthesia... Have them just do... READ COMMENT

I had otoplasty last march and it was the biggest mistake I ever made!! I had the same problem as u.. Left side was fine but right side was stuck against my head so bad u couldn't even see that I had a ear. I have had it redone 4 times.... READ COMMENT