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1 year post op...33 yrs old, 5'8, 120lbs, 300cc

Hi ladies! I thought I'd share my story on here as we are all looking for support, reassurance, someone similar to ourselves and so on. So here goes: After breast feeding my 2 gorgeous girls, I ended up looking like a 12 year old BOY!! I always told them that they "ate all my boobies" READ MORE

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Hi!! I just responded on my profile, but I wanted to make clear that no matter the "bra size"... Us man-made ladies always look smaller. So don't be afraid of the size I said I ended up being, I still look like a B in shirts...I always... READ COMMENT

I always appreciate kind words...thank you! I'm super glad I was able to help, as there aren't very many of us who went 300cc! I can't wait to see you results, I also wanted those implants but my Dr said I wasn't a candidate :( oh! And... READ COMMENT

Lol...I'm so glad it helped you! I loved a good review myself when I started this whole process. I found so many woman made it sound like torture! Why? We chose this...heck, have fun! Let's talk about the real deal as pain is a given... READ COMMENT

Hi! I have no idea why I never received an email alert until sorry!! Anyways, if I'm not too late...yes, she does under the muscle (mine are). She told me that if someone has enough natural breast, that she would prefer doing... READ COMMENT

Lol!!! I also would have keeled over with laughter...and insisted that once he started, he couldn't stop! That's awesome. How are you feeling now? You seem well adjusted! Just wait until a year mark, they will really have settled in... READ COMMENT