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3 rhinoplasties over 20 yrs and my nose is worse! Can this be improved upon? Im miserable. Ugly!

1surgery cosmetic issues only. 2 surgery(different surgeon) used template+ open procedure turbinate reduction,deviated septum (sinus issues, possibly graft (?) 3rd surgery-... READ MORE

3 rhinoplasties over 20 yrs and my nose is ugly. I know redo's are difficult but can i get this fixed ? (photos)

1st cosmetic change 2nd surgery( different Dr) open using template,deviated septum,reduction turbinates poss.graft( memory fails) 3rd surgery( as above Dr) more cosmetic work,... READ MORE

How to know who is truly qualified, experienced and fully capable of revision rhinoplasty even after lots of research? (Photo)

After having a question answered about revision ( 3 surgeries to date) rhinoplasty here I am obviously very concerned about further surgery and how on earth I would find the... READ MORE

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Any chance you could post before ans after photos please...... your story sounds so much like mine !! Ive had 3 revisions and HATE my nose- I feel ugly in every photo and try and avoid them. I know this sounds narrasistic but my nose... READ COMMENT

I'm the same 3 surgeries later and I hate my nose even more ...... the biggest problem with reading all these blogs is that for as many happy positive outcomes you scroll down to read or research the Dr further you find other patients... READ COMMENT

Absolutely gorgeous !! You are so lucky to have found a great skilled Dr...... I'm looking for redo surgeon. 4th time to fix it up. READ COMMENT

Love to see how you are getting on now.....def thought there was a difference straight up! Also got to say you have great eyebrow / eye lift.... Did Botox help or are you just blessed with great genes / youth ? :-) READ COMMENT

Looks good. Very positive for removing tattoos. Id def try it! READ COMMENT