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3 rhinoplasties over 20 yrs and my nose is worse! Can this be improved upon? Im miserable. Ugly!

1surgery cosmetic issues only. 2 surgery(different surgeon) used template+ open procedure turbinate reduction,deviated septum (sinus issues, possibly graft (?) 3rd surgery-... READ MORE

3 rhinoplasties over 20 yrs and my nose is ugly. I know redo's are difficult but can i get this fixed ? (photos)

1st cosmetic change 2nd surgery( different Dr) open using template,deviated septum,reduction turbinates poss.graft( memory fails) 3rd surgery( as above Dr) more cosmetic work,... READ MORE

How to know who is truly qualified, experienced and fully capable of revision rhinoplasty even after lots of research? (Photo)

After having a question answered about revision ( 3 surgeries to date) rhinoplasty here I am obviously very concerned about further surgery and how on earth I would find the... READ MORE

What are the safest/most popular breast implant(brand) also are anatomical shape more realistic / natural / popular than round ?

Unfortunately I have had issues with breast implants causing capsular contraction- saline then silicone. The last were PIP implants which I was told were fantastic ( at the... READ MORE

Follow up to my PIP rupture/replacement question. Losing Faith all round.

This replacement will be #4 sadly -saline+ two silicone of which the last PIP (unknown what type of silicone gel is inside-medical grade or ? (!)), criminal Dr responsible for... READ MORE

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Just for the record my multiple surgeries were due to health 'problems' - very different and unfortunate so perhaps best that comment is left alone and has nothing to do with age ( my original surgeries were untaken in my 20's ) .... READ COMMENT

Thats all fine and its your decision ultimately you're wearing them ;-) but as you have written / posted 'lots' about your experiences and your photos/ blog came up on real self page to my email (?) and you clearly have second guess... READ COMMENT

Thanks SO much !! Really appreciate your help. Im a little scared as i would be travelling alone and I know Beirut can be the place of some political unrest at times and a bit difficult for woman. I def look him up and see what else I... READ COMMENT

I notice the young lady even questions herself about the size and whether they look fake . I speak from lots of experience and age ( sadly) . Maybe its a trend for young girls and maybe its an American look (no cultural judgement ... READ COMMENT

Looks great---- think you have had a nice result by this Doctor ! May I ask how confident did you feel travelling so far (?) to have this revision ? Did you feel safe in Lebanon? I understand there are some fab surgeons there as... READ COMMENT