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ABSOLUTELY Worth Every Penny! - New York, NY

I saw Dr. Almeyda for Smart Lipo. It was awesome. All my gross stubborn fat got sucked out and about 2 months later I saw a drastic change in my silhouette! Those stubborn pouches of fat on my thighs that I tried so hard to starve or exercise away were finally gone!!!! My cellulite that I had... READ MORE

Short Term Improvement but Didn't Appreciate the Attitude. - New York, NY

My acne sucked so I went there and got several expensive prescriptions. The doctor there spent only about 5 minutes with me and DIDN'T EVEN LOOK AT MY SKIN! I could have had a cancerous mole for all they knew!!! Their own brand of face & body wash works VERY well though and it was only about... READ MORE

Questions from RealSelfUser000

My Nose Developed a Hard, Elongated Bump Inside Where the Bones Were Shaved Off?

The bump is oval shaped And feels hard like bone. It Appeared or developed about 3 weeks post op. my doctor said it is swelling but it is hard like bone. I'm scared. It's only... READ MORE

Where to Buy Micropore Tape for Nose?

I'm out of tape for my nose and can't find anything similar at the drug store. Is there any place to buy the tape? Surgical supply stores? Online!? My nose is swelling up like... READ MORE

Crooked Lower 1/3 of Nose at 3 Months--what Are the Odds It Will Resolve?

I like my nose and i know I'm being picky here. I don't think I would get a revision. my nose was crooked to the opposite side before surgery; what are the odds this will... READ MORE

Does Bleach Help Lighten Brown-tinted Under Eye Circles?

I have had under eye circles since birth! The region is brownish with veins showing. I use industrial-strength makeup but it isn't always effective, especially in hot weather... READ MORE

What Do I Do About Blackheads on my Nose After Rhino? My Nose Has a Lot of Blackheads, Mostly from Wearing Sunscreen. (Ugh).

I don't want to squeeze them out because i am terrified of ruining one of my grafts in my nose. How long after cosmetic surgery would you say it is less risky to go without... READ MORE

Discussions started by RealSelfUser000

Its strange looking good. Do you ever feel so ugly even though you look good?

Growing up ugly certainly defines you and makes you the way you are. Just think of middle School. Thats when girl really start to notice that some Are skinnier than others.... READ MORE

Post Op in New York--how Do I Deal with This?

It's always freezing here!!!! Aside from walking around wrapped up like a mummy, How do I keep my nose warm!? It's not like recovering in other places where you can get In your... READ MORE

Has anyone gotten accused of having rhinoplasty?

I kept my surgery secret, as have many of you.  Has anyone gotten caught, suspected, or accused? Just curious, considering that my own family hasn't noticed, which is... READ MORE

3-4 months post op-what kind of changes did u observe?

Hello everyone! i am super depressed today and yesterday. I think my nose is changing! I can't tell whether  I am imagining things or whether my nose Really has... READ MORE

How to spot a fake review's time to "out" these dr.s posting fake reviews. let's come up with a list of things that raise a big red flag so newbies can know if a review is fake. here are some... READ MORE

I need some tips here- How to get your lungs/sinuses to drain faster?

I just had a sinus infection and just finished my antibiotics but have LOTS of clear and white mucus still in my sinuses and lungs. It is driving me crazy since I used to... READ MORE

has anyone here had a corner lip lift?

I want a corner lip lift only, NOT  a regular lip lift. I do not want my lips to appear larger (trust me they are already large) i just want them not to droop. Anyone... READ MORE

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It's not you, it's these shitty men here who don't want to get married. I have a nice nose and STILL single with no prospective husbands! We need to go to another state where men still have manners to find husbands. READ COMMENT

You are beautiful! Don't listen to these asshole New York men. Normal men in any other part of the country who actually have manners and want relationships would love you. We are going to need to find husbands in another state. I have... READ COMMENT

Zunaira, people who don't live here do not believe it but New York men will actually say these types of things to your face. Several years ago a guy told me I was a "six" and that same night anther guy offered me a boob job. The men... READ COMMENT

In a magazine. Find a few pics where the person has a facial structure similar to your own and ask the dr if it is realistic to get a nose similar to the picture READ COMMENT

Whether or not her nose actually becomes wider in reality, if she is having a hump removed or the nasal bridge lowered, that will result in the illusion of a wider nose. Spreader grafts shouldn't add more than 1 mm in thickness. If she... READ COMMENT