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What are the uneven lumps under my chin, 6 weeks post op from Facelift and Lipo?

I had 2nd lipo/facelift 6 weeks ago to "correct" 1st from 14 months ago. 2nd procedure showed fibrosis on sides of my neck under ears due to 1st's healing process, Dr cleaned... READ MORE

After lower blepharoplasty considerable flaccidity and wrinkles- can this be operated again? (photo)

Had lower and upper eyelid surgery 14 (fourteen) months ago. The lower eyelids developed considerable flaccidity and wrinkles after the inflammation came down. Doctor says the... READ MORE

Numbness on face areas after SMAS facelift- can this be permanent?

Had SMAS facelift over a year ago. Both sides of my face (masseter??) up to the temporal area still feel like "after going to the dentist", i.e., quite numb. A rather large... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty results after 14 months, how can I improve the excess skin?

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty 14 months ago. The attached pic shows excess/redundant skin in lower left eyelid forming a bag. The tarsus seems curved downwards, saggy.... READ MORE

Facelift vs reverse facelift. What is the difference? Which one leaves less scarring?

What is the difference between a facelift and a reverse facelift?? Are there advantages of one over the other?? Which one leaves less scaring?? Which one lasts longer and is... READ MORE