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I'll Be 51 Years Old Before I Get This Done and STILL Not Sure I'm Doing the Right Thing! - Subiaco, Western Australia

I come from a line of curvy females. Genetically I have been blessed in so many ways. I certainly don't look my age (a new grandmother!) and my three pregnancies have left me with no saggy belly, and no tummy stretch marks. However, life saving surgery as a young teenager left me with surgical... READ MORE

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Mons Pubis Becoming Heavier and More Pronounced?

Recently my Mons Pubis area is becoming more saggy & fleshy. I'm nearly 50, pre-menopausal (no symptoms yet), 172cm tall & weigh 75kgs. Apart from my three pregnancies,... READ MORE

Tummy tuck required?

I am a 50 year year old mother of three in reasonably good shape and at a steady weight. I am not yet menopausal. I have recently (in the last 12 months) developed a fatty... READ MORE

What is the recovery time needed after Prolapse Repair, Cystocele/Rectocele Repair and Hysterectomy before a long flight?

I am scheduled for a cystocele/rectocele prolapse repair (with probable hysterectomy) to be performed vaginally at the end of May 2014. I have been advised to allow 6 weeks... READ MORE

Tummy tuck after cystocele/rectocele repair: How long should I leave between surgeries?

I have been advised to allow 4 weeks after cystocele/rectocele repair (with probable vaginal hysterectomy) before having TT surgery. Is this enough time, all being well? Will... READ MORE

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Mons Pubis - let's be honest!

Hi girls, I'm really REALLY getting so much out of the Forum, but I haven't yet found a case quite like mine - which is, slightly baggy skin from three pregnancies - can live... READ MORE

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What is the point of "leaving it" if you are worried and stressing? Cos that is sure as hell only going to make it worse. For your own peace of mind (and you may indeed be told "this is normal, nothing to worry about") just ask the... READ COMMENT

Oh Jazzybee, that doesn't look like "period" swelling to me.....have you been eating high salt foods or drinking carbonated drinks? I don't know BUT tomorrow is Monday, straight on to the phone to the surgeon would be my best advice. ... READ COMMENT

Ah thanks. That would have been at SJOG Subiaco then? I'm glad to hear the hospital staff think his work is good, that's always a plus. As I said earlier, I'm using one of his fellow surgeons from the same practice, Dr Tim Hewitt. Hope... READ COMMENT

Hi Isa2014, from what I've read it varies greatly with each patient. My TT is not until November but I have allowed 6 weeks off work for recovery. From what I have read on this site, I think 1 week is completely out of the question, 2... READ COMMENT

I am booked for a TT with Dr Hewitt in November. Hoping I've made the right decision re the surgery and the surgeon. Would love to benefit from your experience with Dr Hewitt if you wouldn't mind sharing further details? READ COMMENT