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I'll Be 51 Years Old Before I Get This Done and STILL Not Sure I'm Doing the Right Thing! - Subiaco, Western Australia

I come from a line of curvy females. Genetically I have been blessed in so many ways. I certainly don't look my age (a new grandmother!) and my three pregnancies have left me with no saggy belly, and no tummy stretch marks. However, life saving surgery as a young teenager left me with surgical... READ MORE

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Mons Pubis Becoming Heavier and More Pronounced?

Recently my Mons Pubis area is becoming more saggy & fleshy. I'm nearly 50, pre-menopausal (no symptoms yet), 172cm tall & weigh 75kgs. Apart from my three pregnancies,... READ MORE

Tummy tuck required?

I am a 50 year year old mother of three in reasonably good shape and at a steady weight. I am not yet menopausal. I have recently (in the last 12 months) developed a fatty... READ MORE

What is the recovery time needed after Prolapse Repair, Cystocele/Rectocele Repair and Hysterectomy before a long flight?

I am scheduled for a cystocele/rectocele prolapse repair (with probable hysterectomy) to be performed vaginally at the end of May 2014. I have been advised to allow 6 weeks... READ MORE

Tummy tuck after cystocele/rectocele repair: How long should I leave between surgeries?

I have been advised to allow 4 weeks after cystocele/rectocele repair (with probable vaginal hysterectomy) before having TT surgery. Is this enough time, all being well? Will... READ MORE

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Mons Pubis - let's be honest!

Hi girls, I'm really REALLY getting so much out of the Forum, but I haven't yet found a case quite like mine - which is, slightly baggy skin from three pregnancies - can live... READ MORE

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Thanks. I am also a Christian. I am guided and blessed. Not misguided and delusional. But thanks. I wish you well. READ COMMENT

I don't usually comment but seriously "SIGN FROM GOD"? God is really interested in your thighs? Deep breath from me. I'm also scheduled for a tummy tuck but God hasn't evinced any interest in my vanity surgery. And nor should He. READ COMMENT

Thank you azsunshine! I am at the stage of...please! Just DO IT already! But a few more weeks of work yet before I can take time off for recovery. Cross fingers for me, hoping for a good result :-) READ COMMENT

I know exactly where you are coming from. Sounds like your surgeon is going to be terrific and I look forward to seeing your result. You have a very similar look to me, my surgery is November also so I will be watching your progress... READ COMMENT

You're a funny bugger! Good luck with the healing, looking forward to photos when you're up for it :-) READ COMMENT