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Is There a Definite Change to my Nose if It Was Once Broken?

When I was young I unfortunately went through quite rough childhood. I've always been the quiet type, but unfortunately trouble always came to me, I had a fight when I was 14... READ MORE

Can an X-Ray Determine Whether the Appearance of my Nose is Due to an Inflicted Injury?

I am told by some friends and family, my nose does not look out of place, but when I look in the mirror I see a bump and a slightly deviated positioning of the bone and there... READ MORE

Is my nose really affecting my looks or is it all just in my head? (photo)

I am a very sensitive person, always have been, always will be. When I was a child I was subject to a lot of abuse both physically and verbally. At the age of 14 I had my nose... READ MORE

Hoe can a broken nose occurring in teenage years affect "mid face development?"

I'm confused by the term "mid face development." I've been searching online, as I would like to find out just how much affect (having had my nose broken when I was 14 years of... READ MORE