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Diode LightSheer for Laser Hair Removal on Labia / Bikini Area

I have had 3 treatments using Diode LightSheer for laser hair removal for my full bikini, but I have darker skin (near brownish color) on my labial areas, and the hair does not seem to be reducing in these areas. The rest of my frontal bikini is a pale yellowish (I am half Asian, half... READ MORE

Questions from halfasian09

Diode Setting for LightSheer on Bikini Area?

Is there a diode setting (pulse width, etc) on LightSheer which you believe would be effective for my skin on the labial portions of my bikini area (much darker than the rest... READ MORE

Nd:YAG and Diode for Bikini Area Hair Removal?

I am not pure Caucasian. My mother is Eastern Asian and my father is Caucasian/Middle-Eastern. Therefore, the labial areas are brownish-pink, while the surrounding areas are... READ MORE

Alexandrite Laser for Underarm Hair Removal?

Is Alexandrite better than Nd: YAG or Diode for Laser hair removal specifically for underarms of someone with mixed Asian/Caucasian background?I read somewhere that... READ MORE

Switching from Diode to Alexandrite/Nd:YAG on Nipple Area?

I had LightSheer laser (diode)  used for my nipple area. I am considering switching to Alexandrite and/or Nd:YAG Laser. Will I need to have 2 different settings for the... READ MORE

How to Remove Forehead Scar Tissue Under Skin Without Creating Additional Scars?

About 5 years ago, I fell & broke my nose. My glasses slid up into my forehead, creating two furrow marks vertically on the tops of my eyebrows. After stitches were removed... READ MORE

What Can Dissolve Subcutaneous Scar Tissue?

I had an accident 5 years ago that resulted in stitches on my forehead. There is still leftover scar tissue underneath my skin. I don't want further "cutting" in this area but... READ MORE