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9 months now...still have boobie greed damn!

Hi everyone :) I've just joined after cruising around this site for a while. I live in Queensland Australia. Mummy to 3 kids and I've finally made the decision to look at a BA. I never had boobies when young, they always seemed a wonder to me, then when I had my kids and was feeding I had big... READ MORE

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Different Size Implants to Correct a Minor Size Difference...opinions?

I'm an athletic frame, tall 5'8 & wide shoulders. My BW is 13.5-13.9. I've even breasts, but one is slightly smaller. Doc thinks about 40cc different. In Australia, the... READ MORE

Is my implant falling out to the side too much? (photo)

6 mons post 450cc men mod plus. Im sad with my size I'm worried my implant is too far into my armpit. In the pre op when doc drew on me I told him it was off centre. He said... READ MORE

Do you think that my right breast implant is malpositioned? (photo)

I have had 450cc mentor mod plus for 6 months. It is concerning me that my right breast feels like its falling into my armpit. My doctor says its alright but I don't think it... READ MORE

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Different sized implants? Need answers.

Hi Ladies, I need your opinions on differing implants. I have a slightly smaller left breast ( doc says at max 40cc)and have the option of just same size implants or putting in... READ MORE

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Heey..hope you're doing well and not in as much pain. Your pics look great and the skin tightening really helped I'm sure. I got 450cc mentor mod plus and have had similar issues to you. Its taken nearly a year for mine to settle. Mine... READ COMMENT

I know what you're looking at as I had similar. Think its where the internal sutures pull and leave weird bumps and dents lol. Mine definitely got better being taped and also as the implant settles into the lower part of the breast it... READ COMMENT

With your incisions did your doc give you any scar tape? I had to wear it gor about a month..helps flatten out the could get it at a chemist perhaps. Mi also used silicone scar gel afterwards. My scars are hardly visible now.... READ COMMENT

Glad you're feeling better. ..think walking around helps with losing the fluid too x READ COMMENT

Ps...they're bigger than mine...wish I had high profile as you have much nicer projection. I have to wear a bra before mine look any good and mostly goddamn pushups that I was sick of wearing. Don't think my boobs look like anything... READ COMMENT