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Chin Implant & Lipo - Very Happy!!! - San Francisco, CA

Here is my story....I wanna make this short. I had a small receding chin.....and since I was a litte kid, I never liked my profile,and I always knew it wasn't normal. Anyways... I figured I post pictures of myself from before and after on the same pic. My before pic, profile and front view was... READ MORE

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And yes you did answer my question. Thank you.... I agree the hairline matches you well....I was just curious, if that was your idea or the doctors. I think your results are amazing. When you decided to this procedure, did you tell all... READ COMMENT

Sorry, yes I mean V shape, not view lol. I blame my silly phone for auto correcting this :) READ COMMENT

Awesome dude...looks amazing. I have question, did you wanted the frontal part to be more of a view shape with your hairline? READ COMMENT

I agree with you, the point I'm trying to make to others and when talking with other doctors aka plastic surgeouns, most "girls" want their nose changed, but have no clue how, all the say is what they don't like and what they wanna have... READ COMMENT

Id give your daughtera high five now :) But everyones rhinoplasty recovery is different. Especially the swelling and bruising and the time of healing. Open Rhino vs Closed Rhino, how aggressive did the doctor work on ur nose, thick or... READ COMMENT