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Chin Implant & Lipo - Very Happy!!! - San Francisco, CA

Here is my story....I wanna make this short. I had a small receding chin.....and since I was a litte kid, I never liked my profile,and I always knew it wasn't normal. Anyways... I figured I post pictures of myself from before and after on the same pic. My before pic, profile and front view was... READ MORE

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I just noticed I'm the only guy here talking with u girls about plasti surgery and the topic went over to teeth and boobs lol I wonder if we all would have this convo ata dinner table together lol READ COMMENT

Haha I know I wish u could edit the comments, I blame my mistakes and errors 75% on my phone...some of my key buttons don't work, so I keep missing letters in my sentences I'm typing. Fater than I can handle. READ COMMENT

Agree 100% with you. I do however think, some girls do get boobs because they really have nothing and feel very bad going to the beach and wearing a bikini or being seen naked by a boyfriend i m supportive of boob implants to... READ COMMENT

You are so correct. No offense to those who say don't do it, but those are the same people who most likely got braces to have their teeth straightened. Which in my opinion is also an art form of comestic procedure. Cause you move ur... READ COMMENT

Jill, I wouldn't say anything really. The scar under ur chin is so natural and normal, no one will ever think twice about it. Most people have naturally a scar there or something....girls and boys, caused by playing rough, accidents etc... READ COMMENT