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Chin Implant & Lipo - Very Happy!!! - San Francisco, CA

Here is my story....I wanna make this short. I had a small receding chin.....and since I was a litte kid, I never liked my profile,and I always knew it wasn't normal. Anyways... I figured I post pictures of myself from before and after on the same pic. My before pic, profile and front view was... READ MORE

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I think you and others misunderstood me,when I said" simple nurse" I'm well aware what of the difference between an LVN/LPN and an RN with an associate or BSN or MSN. If you are a floor nurse, your educational level doesn't make a... READ COMMENT

Excuse me, this is not a fake review. What makes u say that? Obviously I had this surgery done last year, and you can clearly see, how many people and realself admin even commented on my journey. And I'm an active member eversince. My... READ COMMENT

Im sorry, but a lesson should be learned here!!!! Anyone who lets a simple nurse do these kinds of procedure, no matter how much "training" she or she had, is at fault and with all do respect, a fool. You dont let a LPN, LVN or RN do... READ COMMENT

I have a question for you, did you pick this doctor because he was convenient and local and not based on research and patient feedback? Im from Ohio....I had surgeries done and flew to other states to have it done by someone who is an... READ COMMENT

Im sorry for your outcome, but I wont judge the doctor, without not knowing what you did and followed all his orders. Did you double check the doctor before doing this procedure ? was he board certified? did he do fillers and Tear... READ COMMENT