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Reviews by Cherrie.r

Definately worth it, now 10 yrs later going for lift!

I had tio get over the muscle implants because I sagged so bad. My Dr. offered to do a lift for just a little extra, and now I wish I had have. I will have my implants for 10 yrs in Oct. It sure boosted my low self esteem. I almost wish had gone bigger. I read later that to go bigger than you... READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery Upper & Lower -Columbus, GA

I have real sensitive eyes and they get puffy if I sleep hard or don't get much sleep (which is almost always). I had upper & lower Blepharplasty and it worked wonders. I have a small scar running through my right eyebrow, from a car wreck, and that eyelid had really gotten bad. The skin drooped... READ MORE

Lollipop Breast Lift Countdown - Columbus, GA

When I got my implants in Oct of 2003, my plastic surgeon offered to do a breast lift at the time for a small amount of money. I researched it and saw pictures & it scared the hell out of me. I said I'd NEVER do that to myself. Later I wished I had put up the money & had gotten it over with then... READ MORE

Facelift- Shortscar or Mini - Columbus, GA

When I was about 13 & first heard of a facelift, I decided then that when I got old, I was going to have one done. Well, I don't like to think of myself as old, but it is soon to be a reality. I'VE BEEN WAITING TO HAVE A FACELIFT ALMOST ALL MY LIFE! LOL. Anyway, My husband & I own a small... READ MORE

Questions from Cherrie.r

I Am a Truck Driver & I Want to Know How Long Before I Can Go out After Facelift? The Truck Really Pounds the Pavement. (photo)

Wondering if the avoidance of exercise is due to the jarring of the face, or raising the blood pressure. READ MORE

Best Lotion to Put on Right After Facelift and on Boobs After Breast Lift?

My skin is really tight since i got my bandages off this morning i know i need some kind of mosturizer. READ MORE

What Should I Put Underneath Breasts? (photo)

Should I keep them dry until they heal, then use some ointment for scars? or maybe medicated ointment at night and dry during day? These are awful looking scars & hate to... READ MORE