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25 Yr Old Female in Much Need of a Derriere! :) - Malaga, Spain

Hi, I'm a 25 yr old female from the UK and have always always had a huge complex about my butt/hips or lack of them! I have unfortunate genes and was blessed with a flat chest & no butt or curves what so ever.. After years of research I finally decided to bite the bullet last March and get a... READ MORE

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Can You Get a Revision Breast Surgery if You Are Not Happy with the Size & Position of Nipples? (photo)

Hi guys, I had a breast enlargement 5 weeks ago today and I am becoming more & more unhappy with them as they are continuing to drop & fluff. There are 2 things I am... READ MORE

Could I benefit from butt implants + bbl? (Photo)

Hello, I am desperatly looking into getting a BBL with butt implants. I am 25 & would really love to have an hour glass figure. I got breast implants just over a yr ago now &... READ MORE

Can I get butt implants and fat transfer overseas? (Photo)

Hi, I have decided to get butt implants + fat transfer to my hips. The only problem I am facing is, I live in Scotland and it is proving difficult to find an experienced... READ MORE

Can you recommend a treatment to make my lips larger but without looking like "trout pout"? (Photo)

What would you recommend to make my lips larger? I feel when I smile they almost disapear... I don't like the trout pout look so what can you recommend that would make them... READ MORE

Is my wish pic achievable/realistic given my frame - wide shoulders, really narrow hips & no butt? (photos)

I have finally booked surgery in October with Dr Aslani for butt implants/BBL (cannot contain excitement!) I would just like to know if my wish pic is achievable given the fact... READ MORE

25 yrs old with a saggy neck/ double chin. What do you recommend? (Photo)

I feel my profile is aging because i dont have any definition to my jawline, im a slim girl but have a double chin and barely any jawline. is there a treatment that can sort... READ MORE

How can I go about having facial moles removed safely without scarring? (photo)

I have a line of quite large moles down one side of my face which I am very insecure about, I am wondering what the best method of removal would be to banish these completely... READ MORE

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Wow, I love your result!! Think I might need to show my doc this pic as a wish pic ;) you must be very happy x READ COMMENT

Absolutely beautiful curves! This has got to be one of my favourite of aslanis results you must be so pleased :) x READ COMMENT

Wow, one of the best results ive seen of Aslanis! Beautiful heart shaped bootae, you must be so happy ❤️ READ COMMENT

Your post op pic is reeeally similar to your wish pic! :-) are you happy with your results? X READ COMMENT

Wow! Amaaaazing results! Your post op is actually my wish pic :) x READ COMMENT