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Removed my Breast Implants After 7 Weeks

I did my implants on 22 nd march, my doctor performed a bad job that caused me a major depression. I decided to remove them just after 7 weeks. I'm still struggling to come in terms of why I did this operation at the first place. I am worried about my scars, how long it takes to fade? Does my... READ MORE

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I'm 10 Days Post Op from Breast Augmentation. I Have 290cc Ultra High Profile Tear Drop, Do They Look Normal? (photo)

I am not happy with the shape of my new breast. The right breast is bigger than the left and I do not have any volume in the bottom part. My ps asked me to wear the compression... READ MORE

I'm 10 Days Post Op and I Am Not Happy with the Shape of my Breast. I Have 290cc Tear Drop Ultra High Profile Natrelle? (photo)

I am very concerned with the shape of my breast. I'm 10 days post op and it looks full on top but empty in the lower part. My right breast looks bigger that the left. My ps... READ MORE

I Am Not Happy with the Bottom Part of my Breast. 290cc Tear Drop High Profile Implants, Dual Plane Procedure? (photo)

I am 12 days post op and I do not like the way the crease fold under my breast look especially on the right breast. My ps told me that it will look similar to the left in the... READ MORE

I Am Removing my Implants After 7 Weeks, Will my Breasts Go Back to Original Shape?

I am removing my implants after 7 weeks because it has caused me depression and I hate the feeling of foreign object inside me. I discussed my concerns with my PS and he agreed... READ MORE

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Congraz, I removed mine too after 7 weeks in...I hated them so much and it was the biggest mistake I ever did. Now one year and half pass since my explant, my breast are 100 percent back to normal and feeling is back too. My scar still... READ COMMENT

I had major depression with them and when I removed them! Because I regret that I have messed up with my body! This is a serious operation, I never thought this going to happen to me! So happy they are out but Ofcourse I wish I never... READ COMMENT

This is exactly my story! I learned the hard way, but what to do...i still have sad feelings but i am trying to move on and close this chapter. goodluck READ COMMENT

I wish I be as cool as you, im still depressed about why i did them at the first place as since I done it and removed it my friends judged me and I feel ashamed that I did this operation at the first place. I wish someone will help me... READ COMMENT

I had the same feeling as you and I got them removed 7 weeks after I did them. I passed through hell and back and major depression. Couldn't stop beating myself up why I did them at the first place. But knowing I am not alone and that... READ COMMENT