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Some Pros and Some Cons- Asian Rhinoplasty with Ear Cartilage. San Jose, CA

I've had many issues with the way I looked, so I finally decided on rhinoplasty this year (note that I had fat transfer and buccal fat reduction too, but I'll describe the rhinoplasty first). Shout out to Shakibabe88 for her thorough review, and I hope my review can be of help to other people,... READ MORE

Questions from s991

Changes to Chin Structure and Lower Jaw Area to Improve Proportions?

I have inherited a boxy and rather elongated chin, with slight "bulging" around my lower cheek (this remains even when I have lost weight). When I smile, this often makes my... READ MORE

Natural Asian Rhinoplasty; Base Reduction or Nasal Tip Augmentation? (photo)

I have been looking at the variety of rhinoplasty procedures performed for asian noses. Looking at my own nose, I have always felt that my alae are quite wide, flat, and... READ MORE

What fat grafting techniques can be applied to the midfacial area for someone in their early 20's? (photo)

If I had a fat graft, where do you think the injections should be, anatomically (closer to mouth, sitting right under the zygomatic region...)? I like the idea of fat grafts,... READ MORE

Would cheek implants or fat graft be the right solution for my mid face, and would there be long term effects? (Photo)

I have always had a slightly flat face, which reveals my large lower cheeks (buccal fat) and jaws. Which kind of solution would you suggest to increase projection in this area?... READ MORE

Taping nose DOWN to prevent bulbous swelling and upturned nose?

So I've heard that doctors will tape the nose so that it rotates up right after surgery, but is it possible to apply tape in a way to decrease nose projection? I'm almost two... READ MORE

Lip lift incision area (Photo)

I've seen a recent abundance of lip lift reviews, and I noticed that most of the incisions and sutures extend not only just under the columellar area, but also on the outsides... READ MORE

Solutions for downturned mouth? (Photo)

I have tried finding a few journal publications on depressor anguli oris muscle release to treat downturned corners of the mouth, but finding reviews of such a procedure is... READ MORE

Lip lift candidate - lifting sides of lip more than lifting the center lip? (photos)

I have been contemplating fixing my upper lip length and lack of shape. The length of my upper lip does not seem too bad until you see the sides of my upper lip, which extend... READ MORE

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Please note second pic is PRE- op photo for comparison just to show how much my tip apparently swelled READ COMMENT

Thank you for the update! I really like that the implants sit very naturally on your face- I've been a little fearful of getting malar implants, but your results seem encouraging. it seems like you didn't have any difficulty smiling... READ COMMENT

Some doctors offices will give photo predictions after their consults that's why READ COMMENT

So that picture was sent by the docs office. Ignore the picture on the right, because yes they basically altered my photo to give a prediction- hope that clarifies! READ COMMENT

I like that you philtrum looks shorter, and your scarring seems well hidden - I feel like your results are slightly encouraging for me to maybe get a lip lift (my lips in my opinion have the same shape as your pre-photo). I think this... READ COMMENT