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Damaged Columella Tissue? (photo)

I am asian I had big gap scar at my columella after 4th time operated within 7 weeks.The doctor who did me rhinoplasty he can't fixed at the moment coz of the columellas tissue... READ MORE

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In case if Jay doesn't replied u or take long time to reply...I think you better call him....or write email and some complain I also did before.I suddenly called him and he just said sorry blah blah...but it work coz then he... READ COMMENT

Hi bLush44 when r u going to get op with Dr.Jung?i m going to get my last revision with him again in Febuary. READ COMMENT

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In my opinion the last op look good..and you r still look lovely boy.I also in the same situation coz I had multi revision rhinoplasty and now even worst...but nothing could fixed now have to be waiting till my tissue get stronger... READ COMMENT

Hey girl I am also looking the place to revision my nose and found this one in can have a look if something interesting there for you...good luck :-) READ COMMENT