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Questions from BeautySoul247

Best Way to Care for Skin During Tretinion Peeling?

Hi all I'm 27/female/ I've been using 0.25% tretinoin cream twice weekly for the past 8 weeks. I've never used it before so begun lowest strength. I've always had great skin... READ MORE

27 Female, Using Mildest Retin-A, Started Peeling, Have Deep Wrinkles Now?

I'm 27 female & I've been using the mildest strength Retin-a for the 8 weeks 3 times a week. I apply it across my entire face at night & wear broad spectrum sun block... READ MORE

How Big Do Buttock Implants Go?

Hi I'd like to know what the largest size (cc) buttock implants go? anywhere in the world for that matter. I'm quite tall at 5'10 and I already have 600cc breast implants which... READ MORE

How Much Do 690cc Buttock Implants Procedure Cost? Is It Available in the UK?

Hi I recently asked on realself what the largest available (legal) buttock implant size was and a nice doctor answered and said it was 690cc. So I'd like to know how much it... READ MORE

Can someone PLEASE give me a honest answer as to how much fat from fat transfer to buttocks "takes" or remains permanently?

Hey guys I'm going round in circles trying to figure out whether to have butt implants or BBL. I'm 5'10 and have 600cc breast implants, I have a relatively decent amount of fat... READ MORE

Planning to have BBL and tummy tuck but I don't want to have them done at the same time, Which procedure is better to do first?

Ideally I would prefer to have my tummy tuck first but as I want a large fat graft to buttocks (1500-2000cc) each cheek, I'm concerned that the tummy tuck might not leave... READ MORE

Otoplasty + BBL - Been smoking for 15 years, will quitting make a real difference to the surgeries I have planned?

Hey guys I'm 30 and have been smoking since I was 16. I'm planning to have Otoplasty this summer and then a large volume BBL the summer after. I've recently quit smoking as I... READ MORE

Discussions started by BeautySoul247

Butt injections uk? Silicone or pmma

Does anyone know  where I can have medical grade silicone buttock injections in the UK? The only info on injectors I can find is in USA but I want a regular injector here... READ MORE

Has anyone here had expearience with either Dr.Yily de Santos or DR.Daniel Del Vecchio for BBL?

I really love the Butts they both give but I keep hearing so many different reviews and being from the UK (Both doctors are from DR & NYC respectively) I really don't want to... READ MORE