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Life Changing-Southlake, TX

I had both a tummy tuck and tumescent liposuction of my love handles, inner, and outer thighs on Feb 27, 2013. The doctor's office is located on the same campus as the hospital, which is fantastic. The surgical team and hospital staff were warm and friendly, as well as professional and squared... READ MORE

From 267 to 170....with Medifast

Hi all. Just heard about this forum and wanted share my story in brief. Well, where to start? Always battled with weight. 8.9 lbs when born! I'm 37 now. Three years ago I was at my heaviest (267) and hit the end of my rope. I was always tired, got the eye rolls when I boarded planes, couldn't... READ MORE

Getting Butt Implants After Weight Loss: A New Journey

Well, I'm officially scheduled for my next procedure come this October, so I thought I should start my blog. Yes, it's a tad early (6 mos away), but I wanted to be proactive this round! I debated which community to post this to, because I'm getting a lot of work done. I just had a tummy tuck and... READ MORE

Phase II: Getting the Girls Up and Out - Southlake, TX

Time to start my review. Lost nearly 100#. Tummy Tuck in 2013. Now on to boobs. Getting arms lifted in same procedure, but separate review for that part. Cost tied to this review is estimated portion for tits; total is ~$17k, but that includes some lipo, arm lift, and breast lift/ augment. Trust... READ MORE

Phase II: Getting Arms High and Tight - Southlake, TX

Lost weight: ~100#. Tall: 5'11. Large framed. I'm an anomaly amongst women; a freak and I love it! :) Tummy Tuck in 2013. Phase II=Breasts, Arms, and more lipo. Breast lift/augment is under separate review. This review is specific to the arms. Cost associated with this review is estimated... READ MORE

Questions from Liveheroically

Butt Lift & Autologous Auto Augmentation: Split Gluteal Musculocutaneous Flap Vs Lateral Fat Transposition? (photo)

I'm 5'11", 37 YOF, lost 95lbs (no bariatric surgery). Had TT/ Lipo in February and now starting my research into phase backside. Along with lift, I'm considering the... READ MORE

Should I Stage Butt Lift/ Augment Procedures to Capitalize on Tautness? (photo)

Research is yielding injections as being the most practiced form of augment, so assuming that's my only option readily available. Implants are a no-go. Concerned about 30-50%... READ MORE

Can a Butt Implant Be Placed Through a Butt/outer Thigh Lift Incision?

I've already had a tummy tuck, and just scheduled a butt/ lateral thigh lift and breast lift/augmentation. I've been told I'm a candidate for butt implants but have... READ MORE

Could There Be Any Issue During Airport Screening?

Apologies if this seems like a strange question, but I will be traveling quite extensively after my procedure/ recovery, and need to consider any issues that may arise. Given... READ MORE

Will 695cc provide proportion? (photos)

BL/BA+AL scheduled in July. Researching implant sizes prior to pre-op appt. Seems I have unusual stats from the average woman on RS: 5'11", 185 lbs, chest width 15", shoulder... READ MORE

Discussions started by Liveheroically

Anyone Have a 'Muscle Flap' or 'Fat Flap' Butt Augmentation?

Howdy all. Wanted to see if anyone in our community has gotten a butt augmentation using either a 'fat flap' or 'muscle flap' technique. There's wayyy too much out there on... READ MORE

Anyone get butt implants at the same time they did a butt/ outer thigh lift?

I'm scheduled for a butt/ outer thigh lift in October and would like to get implants as well. My ps told me I'm a candidate for this, but I can't seem to find anything that... READ MORE

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Good luck! I bet you're getting excited. :) Having mine on the 3rd. Look forward to following your progress. READ COMMENT

Thanks! :) It'll be awhile 'til I look that strong...but I will!! lol Tisn't anything wrong with 5'5". I'm always impressed when I see shorter ladies with muscles. It's almost expected for taller women; but when shorter women work hard... READ COMMENT

I am! :0) Time is really flying by. With as much planning as I've done I still feel a little much to do before Friday. Yikes! READ COMMENT

Thanks. wish i looked like my wish pic! lol good to know what to expect though. taking 2 weeks off work; then heavy work/ travel schedule kicks in. Hope i can handle it. maybe i'll plan on small carry on for under seat (rather than... READ COMMENT

Along the incision line was hit or miss. some areas were still numb; others were really sensitive. insofar as stomach overall, horizontal from belly button was worst. really tender. nothing a little fist clenching and an occasional... READ COMMENT