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To slr57: I can see why you would feel how you feel about Lifestyle Lift after reading some of the negative reviews. I'd like to try to alleviate some of your fears and anxiety. A LSL is a facelift done under local anesthesia. By using... READ COMMENT

I commend your fastidious research approach, but even the best surgeons in Beverly Hills or New York City get complications or have been sued. Like any other super-skill, the more you do of the same thing, the better and more masterful... READ COMMENT

Your honesty is commendable. But when you say "there's not enough information about the healing process" you seem to imply that you had very little communication from the doctors or consultants at LSL. Was that the case? READ COMMENT

What to do? Don't go on these sites. Only people with negative experiences go on these sites. That is a minute percentage of people that have surgery, from LSL or otherwise. Happy people just live their lives, they don't go in sites... READ COMMENT

"I feel that LSL uses a one size fits all approach". On what basis do you come to that conclusion? READ COMMENT