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47 Yo - 2 Kids- Implant free and loving it!!

Hello everyone, I figured that I have been commenting and asking questions to all the explant girls -that maybe I should write about myself and include photos. Going to try and make short. First BA - 2001 - 34 yo after 2 children....350 cc silicone over the muscle...always felt too big in... READ MORE

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I Had Upper, Lower and Flank Lipo (2/20/13) I'm 5'6 129 Lbs. My Belly Looks Ripply and Wrinkly? (photo)

Hi, I'm a little nervous. I had upper, lower abdominal and flank lipo (tumescent) almost a month ago. I'm an exerciser, in good shape, 5'6 and 129 lbs. I am 45 years old and... READ MORE

Tara Reid's Stomach - I Always Hear Lumpiness Gets Better? (photo)

Hi, I recently had liposuction of my abdomen and flanks to get FAT transfer to my face (which I like the face result btw) The surgeon is a board certified plastic surgeon, good... READ MORE

Does Fat Transfer to Breasts Interfere with Mammography?

Hi, I recently received a benelli lift with implants (I exchanged 350 cc implants to 250 cc implants - I wanted to go smaller) and the physician put some fat around a portion... READ MORE

Benelli Lift with Implants - the Incision Feels Hard Under the Scar?

I had a benelli lift with implants about 6 months ago. I reduced my implants from 350 to 250. I think they look really nice but the areola scar is hard underneath. I know it's... READ MORE

1 year after replacing implants, is this the start of capsular contracture?

Hi - I had my 10 year 350 cc silicone implants replaced last year with 250 cc silicone implants - over the muscle. I recently had a bad bronchitis/upper respiratory illness for... READ MORE

Considering explant. What kind of results have you seen? (Photo)

Hello, I am a 46 year old woman and I have had implants for 12 years. At 10 years I had my 350 cc silicone implants taken out and replaced with 250 cc over the muscle silicone... READ MORE

Was my Botox over diluted?

Hi, I went and got botox today. When the doctor asked the assistant if she reconstituted the botox she said "yes". Come to find out, the assistant reconstituted it, and put it... READ MORE

Considering explant - through Benelli lift incision. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello, I am scheduled for explant 4/13. I received 1st BA 2001 350 cc over the muscle - areola incision... in 2013 had a revision to go smaller 250 cc Benelli lift. I have... READ MORE

What's my chances of "fish mouth deformity" with explant? (Photo)

I am getting my implants removed in April. My PS is going to go through the areola incision - this is the same incision I got implanted and also a Benelli lift the second time.... READ MORE

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Thanks Linda :) I have the dreaded dent under both nipples from the areola incisions... I'm really hoping it gets better. I think you look great too ! Just saw your pic! READ COMMENT

Thank you Lou - I am going to continue to update with pics every month because that really helped me in my research of this. READ COMMENT

Thank you soccer mom - i did not get a lift on explant BUT with my second implants I did get a BENELLI LIFT which basically means he lifted the nipples - he did this because with my second implants I went smaller hoping I would be so... READ COMMENT

Thank you! they look bigger in pics but i'm very happy :) READ COMMENT

I can't wait to go to Nordstrom and get fitted for a bra! ya look great!! READ COMMENT