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I've been considering having a combined procedure for well over a decade. After much research I have now finally made up my mind. The only dilemma I'm faced with is the question of the procedures I will combine vs. Which procedure must wait. I'm in desperate need of a FULL tummy tuck... READ MORE


Let me begin by telling you that my initial quest was for a Brazilian Butt Lift. I didn't have to search far. I selected Dr. Andrew Jimerson, paid my deposit and have my sx date scheduled for Jan 2014. Then I came across Dr. Wilberto Cortes, in Houston. After researching and watching many of... READ MORE

Questions from MzPhatBooty

Is It Possible to Receive a BBL with HIV Positive Status?

I would like to get a BBL. I'm HIV positive with an undetectable viral load (less than 20 copies per cu/Dl) with a T-cell count in the high 600's. I've been on meds. for five... READ MORE

What Sleeping Position is Recommended when Combining Procedures?

I'm seeking to get a combined procedure (Full tummy tuck, BBL, and fat grafting to the hips). Knowing that I won't be sitting for at least 2-3 weeks, and it's not recommended... READ MORE

Will a bbl fix this shelf? (photo)

As you can see I have a VERY HIGH BUTT. When I wear padded panties it looks amazing! The shelf booty that a lot of the butt models have in the magazines. Anyway it's not... READ MORE

Ardyss BodyMagic For Recovery From BBL?

Is it recommended to use Ardyss's BodyMagic during the initial 1-2 week recovery period after receiving a BBL? The makers boast of reducing your body by 3 sizes in 15mins (This... READ MORE

Will the Compression Garment Destroy my Newly Transplanted Graft to my Hips?

I'm going to have a BBL with Outer hips (I need a serious hourglass). Just wondering if the compression garment is going to apply too much pressure to the newly grafted fat... READ MORE

Can a Rolling Pin Be Used to Prevent/ Break Up Scar Tissue After Liposuction?

I know the formation of knots are very common after a liposuction procedure. Can a rolling pin be used to massage those areas? READ MORE

Is breast reduction surgery FMLA eligible?

Is breast reduction surgery covered under FMLA since it is often considered medically necessary for those whom have extremely large, heavy breasts that cause back and shoulder... READ MORE

Why do so many doctors adamantly believe that a patient can't receive liposuction burns from tumescent lipo? (photos)

I have several lipo burns to my lower back. My P/S told me that he used the tumnescent lipo technique during my procedure, and my Operative Report also confirms that... READ MORE

I was unable to wear a compression garment for the first 3 weeks post op. Will this late start effect my final results? (photo)

I had a mommy makeover with lipo to my flanks, lower back, and both upper and lower abdomen. Due to my lipo burns, and debridement procedures (which included stitches)my doctor... READ MORE

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Jimerson Patients Reply Please - How Long Did You Have to Wait for Your Consultation?

How far out was your patient consultation scheduled? I called today and was given a date of June 12, 2014? Is this normal? I know he is a very busy person because his services... READ MORE

Are you searching for DR. WILBERTO CORTES patients?

Ever wish you could have a list of Dr. Wilberto Cortes's patient profiles w/ post op photos right at your fingertips? No need to look any further:*thicnluscious* Htownsfinest*... READ MORE

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Hey B4R, Girl don't tell me you are a victim also? READ COMMENT

Hot Dauuuummmm Pam! Did you save ANY ass for anyone else????lol I feel really bad that I'm just making my way over to your page:/ I always remember you being one of my #1 cheerleaders! Well, maybe I've been to caught up in feeling my... READ COMMENT

Huntyyyyyy the h8te is REAL!!!! Like you said, keep your focus so you can get them coins and really give them something to h8te on! I'm a big girl and I can tell you that my mommy makeover has given me so much life that my coworkers... READ COMMENT

It is so true what LADYB stated. My cycle came the same week I left Houston, then resurfaced 2 weeks later. I have always had a very normal cycle, so to see "Aunty Flow" show up unexpectedly was a shocker! Yep. Something about the... READ COMMENT