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My recommendation is, do it only if it is a medical requirement. Not recommended for appearance. READ COMMENT

RE: Your 19 August 2013 comment. I am so sorry that you continue to have such a problem since your surgery. I can not understand why your eyelids would feel so heavy. Mine do not. I do wonder if you really could have the weak... READ COMMENT

Leniesart, it sounds like you continue to have problems with this surgery. I have some pain and tightness of the head but but no blood pooling. Because I had both the brow lift and eyelid lift at the same time, my eyes are open just... READ COMMENT

Mark here. I really do not have any encouraging news to report. I had my surgery on January 18th. The top of my head continues to feel stretched. The pain in my eyebrows becomes very sharp at times, usually in the middle of the... READ COMMENT

Hi leniesart and everyone else, Maybe I spoke too soon. This past week my head has been really acting up. Right in the eyebrow areas it is quite painful and the top of my head. I massage it but to no avail. It is worse when I lay... READ COMMENT