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Reviews by travellingfool

Melanage Peel Works - Cedar Park, TX

I had melasma on my upper cheeks and nose, & the patches were starting to crawl down my cheeks. After trying numerous treatments and products I finally took my doctor's advice & paid for the melanage peel. I am SO GLAD I did it! All the melasma on my nose went away, as did the melasma on... READ MORE

Vi Peel- won't do it again!

I got a Vi Peel to help me with my melasma. I am on day 5, and the peeling is pretty much all gone which was unexpected but great. However, the skin that has been revealed is not impressive at all. Not only do I not see a noticable difference in my melasma, but I can't help but wonder if it... READ MORE

Jessner's Peel for Melasma - Cedar Park, TX

I have been battling with melasma for years, and my dermatologist recommended a Jessner's Peel. I got my first one in October. My new skin looked awesome, and I was so happy. But the results only lasted one week! I got a second Jessner's peel a month later, and this time the results lasted... READ MORE

Questions from travellingfool

How many layers should one get for a Jessner's Peel?

I had a Jessner's peel that did virtually nothing and caused no peeling, and then I have had Jessner's peels that caused me to to peel a ton of skin for many days! The... READ MORE

What is the most effective anti-oxidant, especially for one who suffers from Melasma?

I heard the essentials to an anti-aging regimen are: sunscreen, retinoid, and an anti-oxidant. I think I have the first two covered pretty well, but I am wondering what is the... READ MORE

Do I need to stop using tretinoin before my hydrafacial treatment?

I have been getting chemical peels (Jessner's and VI peel), and I have discontinued tretinoin two weeks before the peels to play it safe. Do I need to do this before I get a... READ MORE

Jessner's or Glycolic acid peels to reduce melasma?

I have melasma all over my face, especially on my cheeks. Is it better for me to get light glycolic acid peels every two weeks or to get Jessner's peels once every three months? READ MORE

Allergic to hydroquinone. Which is better to treat melasma: frequent glycolic peels or less frequent Jessner's peels?

I have been struggling with melasma for years, especially on my upper cheeks. Is it better to do lighter glycolic peels every 2 weeks with no peeling or is it better to do 2... READ MORE

What type of chemical peel is right for me? I'm allergic to hydroquinone.

I'm 41 and have the butterfly melasma mask. My heritage is half mexican and half italian. I got a melanage peel years ago and loved the results but have since developed an... READ MORE