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What is the Difference Between Mini Implant and Regular Implants? What Would Make a Patient Ineligible for a Partial or Pontiac?

Went to Cancun to get 6 old veneers replaced. The "cosmetic dentist" advised it would be better if we do 8 veneers & replace 1 crown. Instead of veneers he mistakenly... READ MORE

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Crowns are about 1,000 each and veneers 1,200. If you do end up here I can pm you my dentists name so you can contact directly. Not sure if dental work is less here than in America. Hope things go well for you, its such a drag repairing... READ COMMENT

I know for most people it would sound crazy right from the start. I had lived in several countries outside Canada in the past when I traveled for work and had dental work done in Italy with no issues. That experience probably... READ COMMENT

Hi Terriann, so sorry to learn you are having to do corrective work. Its unbelievable that a crown would of been placed over a tooth that needed a root canal first. Did they not take an ex-ray before doing that, or did they cause you to... READ COMMENT

So very happy for you. I know all too well the pain caused by bad dentistry. Your teeth look great now! READ COMMENT

Hi everyone, thanks for the complements on my new crowns. Hell of a experience getting it all fixed. My teeth were fixed in Vancouver Canada. I hope others do not get confused or wonder if I am saying that all dentists in Cancun are bad... READ COMMENT