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Fantastic Rhinoplasty - Las Vegas

Just had rhinoplasty done today at 1:30pm! I was so nervous, but took a Valium and made it through haha. I was determined to get it done and I'm so glad it's over. I've always wanted to get rhinoplasty since about November of last year; after having juvederm placed under my eye that was my... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Cheeks - Las Vegas, NV

My procedure will be on Thursday, August 29th at around 2:45pm. I have my medications (sedative, pain killers, antibiotics, and a steroid pack), my husband who will be my caregiver that day, and a healthy dose of skepticism. I've never focused on my cheeks until after my rhinoplasty in April;... READ MORE

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I don't even notice the fat; I can 'feel it' if I press against the areas in which the fat was injected in, but otherwise it doesn't have a heavy feel to it. READ COMMENT

Aw it's okay, it's completely fine to look 'deformed' the first day. Especially the lips! But I'm sure it will be worth it--the long term investment when it comes to keeping fat (versus temporary filler) offsets the longer healing time.... READ COMMENT

The results are permanent as far as the fat merging with the other facial fat and gaining a blood supply. However, fat itself does not last forever. This is not an implant; the fat is subject to aging. So I'd say in two years I will... READ COMMENT

LB199, The bruising will vary from person to person--personally, I experienced some bruising under the eyes and some along the cheeks. I rarely bruise, so I'm sure those susceptible to bruising may experience a higher degree (a deeper... READ COMMENT

Shawn, Thank you for your comment; I should have taken before/after photos in a more professional manner (in order to present the results accurately). Unfortunately I simply didn't--of course the doctor took photos, so if those come... READ COMMENT