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Local Anestesia with Sedation For Rhinoplasty?

I'm really considering rhinoplasty and I've read lots os info about the procedure and most of the doctors in my area use local anesthesia with sedation, however what I have... READ MORE

What Is The Success Rate for Rhinoplasty and Thick Skin?

I would like to know what the succes rate is for rhinoplasty on thick skin. I was told that the tip of my nose has thick skin and is also drooping, so I should have limited... READ MORE

Has My C Section Scar Turned Into Keloid? (photo)

I had my baby 4.5 months ago via C section and my scar is pink and a bit thick, As per the picture would you think the scar has turned into a Keloid?, or is it too early and my... READ MORE

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Can you breathe through your nose when waking up from surgery?

Hi realself community! I really would like to have feedback from the people that have done rhinoplasty under general anesthesia. This is something that I always ask... READ MORE

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Hi I really think that you should talk to a doctor about your suicidal thoughts, is not normal to be so depressed, you need to be patient as your surgery was just a few weeks ago, stop looking at every little imperfection, try to find... READ COMMENT

You look great! READ COMMENT

I really don't ser anything wrong with your nosr READ COMMENT

To be honest with u, I really want to have surgery and have a better looking nose, but then I thing what if anything goes wrong and I don't like my new nose or I could use the money for something else, or what other people will say... READ COMMENT