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Can a Dermatologist Do Anything About a Small Flat Scar?

I recently accidently shaved a small mole off that was above my upper lip. I was hoping it would just heal and the mole would come back the same but, that didn't happen and now... READ MORE

Is There a Laser Treatment I Need for This Or Will Redness Go Away?

I had a mole removed and stitched up March 6 and was told the redness would go away in 6 weeks or less. It is now March 22 and although it has gotten better it still bothers me... READ MORE

Scar from Mole Removal (photo)

I had a mole removed from my upper lip about a month ago done by excision which was a real bad idea because it left a scar that is way worse then the mole itself. Although the... READ MORE

Will a Depressed Scar from a Mole Removal Fill in with Time and Not Leave a Dent? (Photo)

I had this mole removed by lip and had to get 3 stitches. Its been about a month and a half and I guess I was expecting much more improvement at this point. I went to a... READ MORE

Small or medium chin implant work for subtle unnoticeable change? (Photo)

Would a medium or small would be best for subtle change? Not looking for a overly strong chin just something to help balance face and maybe a little lipo. I am not looking to... READ MORE

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WOW..my heart goes out to you. Hope you're doing better now. I seen your before picture and have to say you actually looked good then too. Did you atleast like the jaw surgery/ genioplasty results once healed? READ COMMENT

It sounds like you had a real rough time with this and that really sucks. I guess you never had another one put in after the 2 fails. I was recently thinking of getting a chin implant but, sometimes I feel like I don't know anymore. It... READ COMMENT

Looks good..what size implant did you get? Any promblems along the way? Happy with implant still? READ COMMENT

Your results look great! I have to ask, did anyone notice you had the surgery friends/family/coworkers? I also am looking to get something subtle that helps with balance but isn't noticeable. Any issues today with it? Would you do it again? READ COMMENT