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Hahahah good idea i put my drs name on google then on images and i almost died wen i saeƱw my boobs there lol at least covered its a good idea lol READ COMMENT

Oh no iam so so sorry to hear this i know ps said u have to qait 6 months for end result but thats a bug change even from just a few days....the good thing is that if it is bottoming out u r catching it early i asked one ps about this... READ COMMENT

Lol wow u wrote this long explanation that describes EXACTLY my feelings im so glad im not the only1 freaking out after all once u get into da surgery world u can never get out at least wout consequences! please please post pics and... READ COMMENT

Ahhhh i am so glad to hear that! i decided that no matter how much research i do theres 2 options one go bug and hope it lifts like urs did nicely or two get the lift and be full of scars my skin isnt very nice either so i know my scars... READ COMMENT